How to dress properly in winter

In winter, you need to dress properly, because you should be warm, comfortable and most important, clothes should breathe - no matter what the greenhouse effect was created. According to medical research in the winter, the risk of a heart attack increases by almost 5%. Therefore, it is so important to know how to dress properly in the winter.


It is necessary to wear a hat, it can be a hat or a warm hood. If this is not done, then the risk of many diseases is significantly increased.
Of course, now it is very fashionable to walk with your head uncovered and even in 40 degree frost you can meet people who did not take care of the much needed clothing attribute. But it may not be so blindly follow the fashion, because health is more important. In addition, manufacturers now offer a large selection of headgear, so different coats and jackets, and everyone can pick up something that really goes to him and does not seem ridiculous, which many of us are afraid of. And what is better than a coat or a jacket, here, too, everyone decides for himself.

You also need to wear a scarf

It significantly protects from drafts throat, prevents the penetration of cold air through the top of the neck. Scarf must be dense and not necessarily natural. In very severe frosts, you can cover your face with a scarf, which is very important, especially for children - since it prevents breathing of cold air.

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Buy yourself a thermal underwear

It will help keep heat and absorb sweat if overheated. After all, in winter you can easily overdo it in your desire to dress warmly.
Which thermal underwear to choose from natural or synthetic material?
Thermal underwear from synthetics is a strong allergen, preference should be given to wool. Of course, woolen clothes are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. But it has significant advantages - it lets in air, which prevents the greenhouse effect.

In winter, always wear gloves or mittens

Since their absence can lead to frostbite, in addition, in the cold, the vessels narrow, which can lead to a heart attack. As a joke American cardiologists call these heart attacks "New Year". This disease is most likely to affect men.

And what to choose, mittens or gloves?

Gloves are much more comfortable than mittens, but they are much colder in the mittens, the fingers of the fingers are tight to each other, due to which they freeze less. If you do not know what to choose, then choose the gauntlets of the transformer, these gloves can easily be turned into gloves.

Wear warm shoes

The sole of the winter footwear must necessarily be on a high platform, as the sole, the closer the feet to the cold ground, and the heat exchange is disturbed. Shoes should have a heel, as recommended by orthopedists.

Wear pants

For men, it is extremely important to properly dress in winter, so as not to chill the genitals, so this can lead to inflammation of the prostate gland, but overheating is also harmful. A mandatory attribute for men should be underpants or pants, which are on the market a lot, you can pick up a fairly fashionable and cute tights, and not what was worn in the Soviet era. Winter sports enthusiasts or sportsmen who wear sports should be especially warm in winter, so preference should be given to underpants with fleece, on the remaining days you can wear cotton.