How to make a massage of the lacrimal canal to a child: technique, video

Features and techniques of massage of the lacrimal canal in children
Dacryocystitis is not a very pleasant disease for babies, at which purulent discharge from the eyes occurs. Of course, such an ailment needs and can be treated. One of the methods is massage of the lacrimal canal. The procedure must be performed correctly and carefully, so as not to damage the baby's eye.

Massage of the lacrimal canal: preparation

Before approaching this responsible procedure, you need to prepare:

Massage for dacryocystitis: a technique

After simple preparations are made, you can take for the most important thing - to save the child from purulent formations in the eye area.

The scheme of actions is as follows:

  1. Finger pillow should be slightly pressed on the corner of the child's eyes from the inside. The finger should be turned towards the bridge of the nose when pressed;
  2. It is easy to start pressing, not forgetting that in the area of ​​the lacrimal sac are still not strengthened cartilage, in addition, the child's bones are weak enough, so measure the force of pressure. Gradually accumulated pus in the pouch will come out;
  3. Remove the purulent mucus with a clean swab, which must be moistened in a furacelin mixture. Also warmed with a solution of furacilin (1 to 5000), drip a sore eye;
  4. Continue massaging along the nose from top to bottom and vice versa;
  5. Swipe your lacrimal sac with your fingers, with a slight pressure from the top down. If necessary - several times to perform movement, the purpose of which is to break the film to allow purulent connections to leave the channel without hindrance;
  6. After performing massage actions 3-5 times, drip the eyes with vitabaktom or levomitsetinom.

Tips and features for the massage of the lacrimal canal

Massage is done mainly in order to avoid a not very pleasant and painful procedure of sensing, and to really help, use the tips below:

Video of the massage of the lacrimal canal in dacryocystitis

In the network there are several good videos of the massage of the tear duct, as well as transmissions that explain the processes of stagnation in the tear duct in children.