How to save the family from a divorce in a crisis?

They say that in difficult times families are tested for strength. But if the number of divorces was huge even in a more peaceful time, then in the crisis it increased even more! Even the most stable couples are divorced, only a few dare to survive the difficult times together. Men traditionally get more - it's on their shoulders that they are responsible for the family. Not every man will cope with his problems, and even pull the family out of a difficult situation. Women are worried that divorce and crisis will not be a synonym for them. In fact, you can always keep your husband in the family.

Enter his position

Now many people are cut from their jobs, and those who have not been cut down are cut down by salaries, bonuses and other bonuses from the past full life. In Russian families, men tend to earn more, they take the largest loans and are responsible for the welfare of the family, so much depends on their income. If your husband has been affected by the crisis, try to understand him - what does he feel when he realizes that he can not keep his usual standard of living for his loved ones? Even if you think that he is indifferent to this, most likely, this is not so, just men know how to keep emotions in themselves.

Do not reproach her husband

He perfectly understands and without you that you need to pay loans, that you need to dress children, buy them toys and books, that you want a new dress and to the south. But if at the moment something of what you are used to, the husband can not give you, do not blame him for it. If you do not have enough money for entertainment or luxuries, think about the time when you yourself can become a support for the family? Instead of endlessly sawing her husband, it is worthwhile to go to work or achieve an increase, then you will all be much easier.

Do not provoke

We are so arranged that in difficult moments they tend to blame more than justify themselves. Divorce and crisis can coincide if you do not try to keep yourself in hand. Try not to talk too much, not to provoke conflicts. You are able to understand what was the real cause of the quarrel - scattered things or lack of vivid impressions or money. Make the right conclusions and do not let the circumstances become stronger than you.

Tune in to the solution

During a crisis, you can endlessly look for the guilty. The state, bosses, clients, partners, neighbors, husband or yourself - the blame for what happened can be hanged on anyone. If the divorce is not included in your plans, try instead to offer a constructive solution to the problem. Sober reasoning, a calm approach to the situation will help you to feel that everything can be overcome and eventually will be adjusted.

Save money

Ironically, even during a crisis, women are not ready to save on their needs. Many also want to go to expensive restaurants, wear things of famous designers, relax at prestigious resorts. Temporary difficulties make this inaccessible. If you do not want to bring the case to a divorce, then try to correctly calculate the family budget. You will be helped by spending planning, switching to cheaper products and things, temporarily giving up some things that you can do without. For example, you could sell an expensive car and buy a car cheaper, and the difference in price to cover the loan, if not fully, then most of it. You could refuse to buy expensive dresses and look at more affordable things. A food can be purchased at wholesale markets. Let all this is very unpleasant, it is important to realize that these are temporary measures that will help you withstand at a time when so many couples are divorced.

For the sake of the family we are capable of much. If the couple is associated with something more than the usual level of comfort, then each of them will be interested in the fact that divorce and crisis bypassed them by the family. This requires great patience, wisdom, a willingness to help each other and make mutual concessions. In the end, hard times will sometime end, and you will be able to preserve the most valuable thing that you have - a family.