How to wash the down jacket in the typewriter and manually?

Perhaps the most popular clothes, which many prefer in the cold season, are a variety of down jackets. In the down jacket is warm, it is relatively inexpensive, and in the maintenance requires minimal costs. Although many manufacturers of such clothes still recommend dry cleaning, it is possible to wash the polluted down jacket at home. The main thing is to know and observe certain rules.

The down jacket should be fluffy!

Filler stuffing is, as a rule, fluff and feathers. It is because of them that the jacket looks a bit bulky. And when this "fluffy" filler is getting wet when washing, this is where the difficulties begin. Pooh turns into lumps and still it perfectly absorbs detergents, which it is really hard to rinse out afterwards really hard. But if you act correctly, you can wash the down jacket yourself without significant damage to the "fluffy" filler.

Wash down jacket in the car

Do not try to accomplish the task at most and at a time, saving for the sake of washing, for example, two down jackets. Wash the down jacket separately. At the same time, putting it in the drum machine, make sure that all the zippers and buttons are buttoned, and the down jacket itself is turned inside out.

As a detergent, it is better not to use ordinary washing powder. The fact is that it is very poorly rinsed out of down-feather filler. Prefer special detergents for down jackets. As a rule, they are liquid, not powdery, so they are easier to rinse out. However, you can replace such a tool with a usual liquid soap.

The optimum temperature of water for washing the down jacket is 30 degrees. Do not set a higher temperature. It is also better to choose a delicate washing routine.

To prevent lint down, wash the product with tennis balls. Three or four such balls put in the drum of the washing machine. They will whip down during the entire wash.

When setting the wash mode, it is best to install at least three rinses. After all, if the down jacket is badly rinsed, then it can leave white stains. And to squeeze down products it is necessary on small turns. This advice, too, should not be neglected, again so that the fluff does not curl into lumps.

Wash down jacket manually

You can wash the down jacket and manually. If you need to wash only, for example, the collar, cuffs, pockets, which are most quickly soiled, use soap or a mild shampoo. Soap solution put on the cloth, rub a little space, which you need to wash and then wash off with a cloth soaked in water.

To wash the entire down jacket, it is better to hang it in the bathroom on the rope, soap and then rinse with water from the shower.

Dry the down jacket

You can dry the down jacket in the washing machine. Do not forget about tennis balls. In the drying process they help to fluff filler. Then take out the down jacket and leave it for some time in a hang-up, so that it finally dry out. Not dried well feather-down filler can cause your jacket to smell unpleasant after washing. By the way, dry the down jacket better on the hanger, from time to time removing it and shaking it vigorously.

And in any case, do not dry the down jacket on the battery, as well as near any heating appliances. Otherwise, the down jacket will stop you from warming. The feather will become brittle, and the feather-feather filler will lose its main advantage - it's good to keep warm.

Follow these simple rules for taking care of the down jacket, and your favorite jacket will always look beautiful and, most importantly, it's good to keep you warm in the cold season.