I left him

We met when I was 18 years old. He is 5 years older, graduated from university, and I just entered. I looked at him with my mouth open: a handsome, tall, intelligent brunette, a student at a medical university, almost a doctor. And I'm a young, naive, insecure student with my problems. I seemed to be in love with my ears, he would solve all my problems. Partly it was. Our relations developed rapidly. I could not wish for better. He has a well-to-do family, he is a five-minute employee of a decent institution in the city with great prospects. Beside him I felt good. When my mother came from our small village, I greeted her, telling him how wonderful he was, what a bright future awaits us.

It did not take long to wait. He made me an offer. Parents approved. They played a magnificent wedding, I felt like a queen among classmates and girlfriends, who, I thought, envy. We moved into a new spacious house, owned by his parents. My mother-in-law I saw rarely, but aptly, as they say. But it did not stop me, the main favorite was near, and everything was so good for us. We started a dog, walked in the evening with her in the woods. I became pregnant. At that moment I was in seventh heaven with happiness. The husband has ceased to be ideal. Life gradually began to interfere with life. I remember how on the 9th month of pregnancy I washed the floors in this huge house, baked the duck, so as not to fall into the mud with my face and not show how bad I am. Only who needed it ?! Now I understand that no one. A child was born. My husband, my mother-in-law gave me chic gifts. I was hired by a nanny for help so that I would not miss school. Everything seems to be nothing, but the whole house turned out to be fully on me ... At night I fed the baby, expressed milk, so that in the morning I could leave for my son and rush to school. Complaining and thinking was not. Yes, it's difficult to get out, but it's not easy to cook, but they help me.

Meanwhile, my husband graduated from the university and began to work. I stopped seeing him, our meetings became less and less. I always calmed myself down, they say, everything is fine, so everyone lives, I have enough money, help, they let me do my own things and what I need to do! Well, my husband? The husband will get used, because he has never worked before, and we will be closer again ... Such periods really did come on the weekend ... But then he began to linger at work, take more duties, justifying it by the fact that he needs to work, get experience. I agreed. My son grew up. Life went on as usual. I went to work. And I began to realize that the life that I now live is not mine. My mother-in-law more and more often got into our relationship. And then I told my husband that I did not want to live like that anymore. I suggested that he rent a separate housing and try to still exist independently without the help of his parents. He refused. Time passed. Nothing changed, it only made me sick to go home. And one day I announced that I was leaving him. He did not believe it. I rented an apartment, collected my things and moved with the child. His parents took away my car, coats and some jewelry. All his relatives refused to communicate with me. Only one I knew what was going on in my soul, how I felt bad. But I knew for sure that there was no way back.

At first it was difficult for me financially, but my parents supported me and helped. And after a while I found out that my husband regularly changed me. I continued to work, I managed to take a managerial position, and I gained full confidence in my abilities. He tried to return me. I got an apartment in the same entrance, where we rented a son-in-law with my son, but I did not doubt for a moment my choice.

Now I bought housing in a mortgage, certainly not without the help of relatives, and living with my son, I feel the happiest in the world!