If a rival appeared on the way

For many years you did not care about anything. You enjoyed your family life, cherished and cherished your faithful. But suddenly in one not very fine day you had a rival. Her husband began to delay from work for unknown reasons and with the excuses of a first-grader. Coming home he became withdrawn, does not tell you more compliments and is not so tender became.

If a rival appeared on the way. At the very beginning it is necessary to understand who is the rival. She can be a colleague at work, a virtual novel, or a woman from the past. In any case, do not flogger the fever and immediately expose her husband with suitcases on the street. The rival is just waiting for this. You must recognize your enemy in person, that is, look at it from afar, so that you can then start "military action."

Carefully ask your spouse about his life outside the family. What happens in his workplace. Than he lives and breathes outside the house. Most likely you will learn a lot of interesting things, unless of course you have enough wisdom and patience to answer questions and answers.

Of course it is very ugly to climb on other people's pockets, and especially read other people's letters. This we have been taught since childhood, but as the war says, all methods are important. Look furtively at his diary, or a notebook in the cell phone. It is there that you can find a lot of interesting things for yourself, if you certainly want to know everything about your husband. Most importantly, if warned, then armed.

Calculating the passion of your spouse, looking at her not with a critical glance, but a simple philistine. You can choose the tactic of returning the spouse to its original place. And start fighting his passion.

If she turns out to be a colleague at work, such a young girl. Which just came to work. Then you can calm down, you will not be able to overcome it. She is stupid and naive, but you are wise and intelligent. Your wisdom can bravely fight against its naivety. Look at yourself in the reflection of the mirror and get to work. Spend some money to restore your old look, do not spare money, your spouse will not regret anything now (he feels guilty before you and will cheat you with money).

If you go home in a dressing gown, throw it away. Now the fashion industry offers a huge range of home clothes. A dressing gown, of course, also does not hurt, but not flannel and calico, but silk. When you go to bed, do not wear a T-shirt, but wear a nice nightgown. This will attract the attention of your spouse.

In some way, do not advertise what you know about his mistress and what you know about her at all. It is better to refresh your feelings in bed and beyond. Think of something new, diversify your sex games. It will only do you good. If you were too easy-going wife, then show your "claws", but do not get carried away. If you were too bitchy, be just the opposite, complaisant and affectionate. It will surprise your spouse and at the same time inspire you with new feelings for you.

Go to the beauty salon change your image, hair color, haircut. Change the style in clothes, start dressing not like an old woman, but more youthly, but not fanciful. Strive to create a style of such a lady, then your husband will only have your beautiful legs.

Take a closer look at your opponent, that he might be interested in her. Maybe you have not flattered your spouse for a long time, did not tell him affectionate words. After all, not only women like ears, but also men. Praise your wife for any work he has done. For his manliness, dedication, speak and tell him compliments, but only within reasonable limits.

In order for your spouse to think about you every second, you come up with something interesting every day. And better every night bring your husband to a breathtaking ecstasy, and then success is guaranteed to you. Your spouse will not be able to think of anyone more than you. After all, you are for him the one and only mystery.

If this is just a virtual novel, then it can be stopped very quickly and easily. At home try not to let your husband to the computer, coming up with various tricks. Another way out, you can register on the site, where your husband communicates under a false name and another's photo. Communicate with him virtually, that's where you can understand your spouse thoroughly. Learn all of his fantasies and problems with you. On the Internet, a person reveals himself completely, this is like in a train companion. And realize all his fantasies, but gradually, so that he does not suspect you of forgery. So you solve this virtuality problem.

The most unpleasant, if the rival is your husband's former lover. Which suddenly appears on the horizon. Most often, men do not hide communication with former passions, because they often do not consider them a threat to your well-being. But it is still necessary to look at it.

Ask her husband why they broke up, who was the initiator of the divorce. Based on this, choose a tactic, but you can not resist their communication. Otherwise they will start to communicate without your knowledge. And ask the spouse to put himself in your place, it would be nice for him that you communicate with an ex-man. If nothing works out, you just need to make friends with your husband's ex-girlfriend. And to get to know her closer and thereby take her away from her house. Having learned the enemy close, you can find a way out how to push it further, the usual wisdom of women.