Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

In the world there are various relationships between people. And one of the main things is love and friendship. Friendship is divided into three main types: friendship between men, friendship between women, and friendship between a man and a woman. The sages said, friendship breeds love. Friendship is the brightest thing in the world. It unites people and makes them stronger and stronger in spirit. One of the exciting questions is whether the friendship between a man and a woman?

Maybe it exists, only very rarely. Friendship between a man and a woman can not exist, unless he is interested in men, so to speak blue, but on the other hand can such a man be called a man, is not he a woman in a male guise? And if you have a friend of an unconventional orientation, then only he will tell you the truth that you look cool, and will not tell you compliments, just to drag you to bed. And friendship between a man and a woman can not exist, because one of the parties will necessarily feel some feelings that are more than friendly.

And even if even friendship exists between two opposites, then it can end with a wedding. And is it not better to marry a friend than a lover. After all, friendship is much more durable than love. Love can suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear, and friendship lasts longer. I used to believe in friendship between a man and a woman, and eventually a person becomes wiser and smarter and begins to understand many things. And so if you have a friend, then know that he or you have feelings. And why should combine the two opposites.

What is friendship between women? Friendship between women is a huge amount of flattery, flavored with lies, and sprinkled with cunning, at least so it is considered. Maybe there is a real friendship between women, but only in movies or in female serials do men say. But remember who will share with you a tampon at the right time for you, who will cover your back, when you need to lie to someone that you spent the night with a girlfriend who will go with you to the club or will share an excellent recipe - a friend. Mainly female friendship can be considered to be the contact of interested persons in certain cases, which last for a long time. When this case disappears, then the contact of interested persons goes to zero. But after all, there was a contact, there was friendship. Friendship may not disappear, it's us. In the bustle of life, sometimes we forget about friends, although at that moment they will always remember us. Probably, not only women's friendship is based on this principle, but friendship in general.

And what is male friendship? Love for football and for women, defenselessness before women's logic and beauty and the need for self-affirmation of male significance. Hiking and hunting, gossip about women and their quirks and talking about cars and sports. All this is also present in women's friendship - shopping trips, gossip about men and their weaknesses, talking about sexual actors and new methods of fighting wrinkles. It is believed that male friendship is the strongest friendship in the world. And the female is the meanest, based on cunning. Only here in male friendship, too, has its own flaws. When a friend discourages a friend from his friend, or throws him in an unpleasant situation - is this considered a true friendship? Yes, in female friendship, too, all this is - gossip, conversations behind the back of a friend, betrayal of a husband with a girlfriend. Male friendship is no different from female friendship, and none of these types of friendship is considered better than another.

Friendship is another bitter phenomenon of life. We all dream of a reliable strong friendship, of a friend who would never leave us in trouble, but are we not idealizing all this? Such friendship exists only in movies, like true love. But envy and betrayal are also shown in the cinema, and they exist in life. Since jealousy and betrayal exist in life, it means that true friendship and love is a place in our lives. Yes, they exist, only you need to believe and seek, and the required will be found if you apply a certain amount of effort. Friends are not ideal, and friendship too, people are different, with their problems and flaws, so you do not need to wait for an ideal friendship. You do not need to idealize friendship, because your expectations will not correspond to reality.

Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends. Believe me, friends can not be one hundred pieces, God forbid, if there is one friend. Nowadays it is very difficult to find friends. Our world is mired in lies and deceit, duplicity. In our time, people, not ashamed, enjoy each other, under the guise of holy friendship. Treat people sincerely, and they will respond to you in the same way. Look for real friendship and believe in it.