Lose weight with the help of a vegetable diet

An effective way to say goodbye with extra pounds is a vegetable diet.
Are going to reduce weight a little, but do not know which diet to choose? A great way to get rid of extra pounds can be a vegetable diet. Her charm is not only that the body is deprived of fatty folds, but also relatively harmless to the body. According to doctors, this method of losing weight is considered the most democratic, since along with vegetables many vitamins and other nutrients enter the body. Some even believe that this way of eating can serve as a way to prevent heart disease.

What is the basis of the diet?

In fact, everything is quite simple: a day you need to eat a half kilogram of vegetables in any form.

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As with any other diet, there is a list of food that you can eat. In this case, it will include:

Forbidden Food

There were some limitations, although everything is quite simple here. At the time, give up fatty meat, smoked foods and baked goods. When cooking soup do not use meat broth, and salads fill with sour cream or vegetable oil. It is necessary and strongly limit the use of salt. If you do not fancy food without it, add soy sauce.

Sample menu

We will tell you a few recipes that you can use to make variety in the diet. Vegetable diet does not imply that you will strictly adhere to the order of eating certain dishes. Therefore, you can change their order according to your desires and possibilities. But you just need to remember that meals should be small and cost them divided into five parts.

Here are a few recipes from which you can freely form your own menu for a week.


The second breakfast is usually used as an easy snack before dinner. If you can safely do without it, then just drink water without gas. But when the feeling of hunger is still present, you can eat one tomato, pepper or cucumber. Suitable and grated carrots.


Since this is the main meal, it should be treated with special attention.

For a snack, you can drink a glass of yogurt and eat one sweet pepper. If you really want a sweet, try a baked pumpkin with a spoonful of honey.


It would seem that everything is quite simple, but according to people's reviews this is the method of losing weight is considered the most effective and safe for the body. But do not forget about physical activity. Only in this way you can keep a good shape longer.