Massage for slimming belly

The stomach is one of the most favorite places where fat likes to be debugged. It is for this reason that not only ladies, prone to excess weight, but also girls with a model figure should watch their belly. Most often, abnormal nutrition, passive lifestyle and lack of sports loads lead to the formation of tummy. To get rid of the unwanted abdomen, you can help change the diet, exercise, as well as a special massage for losing weight belly.

Do a massage for slimming belly can be at home. For these purposes, there are dozens of devices and methods.

Indication: in the abdominal area presence of subcutaneous cellulite deposits and even bloating.

Contraindications: inflammatory processes in the pelvic and abdominal cavity, the presence of tumor neoplasms, the moment of menstruation, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Massage of the abdomen has its own rules, according to which you should massage yourself either two hours after eating, or one hour before it.

Very well proven and manual massage, which also helps remove fat deposits from the abdomen. Manual massage for the abdomen is divided into several techniques of performance.

Toning and smoothing

Lying on the back, we occupy a comfortable position and relax. We begin our massage for weight loss, using light tingling movements. We execute them clockwise. During each circle, we strengthen the tweaks. For the first session, 10 minutes is enough, the next 10 minutes. This massage for weight loss perfectly smoothes and tones the skin of the abdomen.

Fighting excess fat

Lying on the back, we occupy a comfortable position. A few minutes, we work on the stomach with the help of soft stroking movements. After that, for more effective massage, warm up the skin. To this end, we squeeze the hand into a fist and perform intensive movements of rubbing up and down in the area that is massaged. The next stage of self-massage affects the accumulated fat surpluses. Here we take and grab the crease, and then slowly roll it from the top to the bottom.

Massage for slimming in the abdominal area and aids

Not a bad action at the time of the massage of the stomach has special silicone jars that are sold at the pharmacy. Such massage effectively destroys fat on the abdomen for a short period of time. But just before using them, do not forget to lubricate the skin with a massage oil mixed with essential oil of rosemary.

Honey is all over the head

One of the most effective types of massage of the abdomen is honey massage. That's only for this type of massage is to use the freshest natural floral honey. This massage is not only able to remove excess volumes on the stomach, it also helps to remove toxins from the body and make the skin more elastic and smooth.

For massage, approximately two teaspoons of honey will suffice. This honey can be mixed with essential oil in a proportion of not more than 5 drops per 1 spoon. The technique of performing massage is quite simple. We put it on the palm of honey and with their help we do massage movements, most of which should include patting. Gustya, honey begins to glue the palms to the surface of the stomach. Tearing off our hands, we get, so-called, "vacuum massage". In the process of massage through time it will be possible to notice how from the pores of the skin a white matter is released (harmful slags). At a time when there will be a lot of them, rinse your hands and start again. Massaging the stomach is necessary for 10-15 minutes. After a massage, it is recommended to take a warm shower.

By the way, it will be nice if you at the moment of massage awake to alternate the load and stroking. Honey massage should include take a course of 10-15 sessions every other day.

And last, at the moment of massage, in addition to honey and massage oil, you can use anti-cellulite cream, which includes herbal extracts, essential oils of orange, lemon, grapefruit, mint, horsetail daisy. Well and most importantly, in order to speed up the desired result and get the effect, combine a massage for the abdomen with sports and a mandatory correct diet!