Natural cosmetics based on algae

Natural cosmetics based on algae LACOTE srl, Italy.

The GUAM cosmetic products have proved their high efficiency throughout the world for more than 25 years of their existence. Unique programs for the correction of figure and the treatment of cellulite, facial and hair mineralization are deserved authority among cosmetologists and discerning clients of the most famous clinics and beauty salons.

Cosmetics GUAM gives visible results, which is confirmed by clinical trials, observations and long-term experience of their practical application by millions of people in Russia and other countries.

The main active component of GUAM cosmetics is a seaweed complex developed in 1986 at the LACOTE srl Institute for Deep Water Research in Italy.

The effectiveness of GUAM products is explained by a deep scientific approach to the development of innovative formulas. Seaweed is collected in an ecologically clean place with the help of special equipment at great depth. The procedures for harvesting, drying and processing of algae under strict control, which allows you to retain all the necessary useful properties of marine concentrate.

Quality of cosmetics is confirmed by certificates of standards BDIH, ICEA, AIAB.

Cosmetics GUAM is effective in correcting the figure and treating cellulite, facial care and hair mineralization.
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