On the shore of Hellas: Greek style in the interior

Greek style - not a synonym for the ancient, although it has some similarities with it. The interior with Hellenistic motifs is a space filled with sunlight and a gentle sea breeze, the focus of home comfort and well-being, a place where one always wants to return. This is facilitated by a cheerful color palette: deep shades of azure, turquoise, ocher, dark orange and golden lemon repeat the natural charm of landscapes of the Balkan Peninsula.

In design and design, a special role is given to combinations of natural textures. Untreated light wood, rough stone and polished marble, matt unglazed tile and textured plaster are those materials without which it is impossible to recreate the aesthetics of the Greek style.

Light furniture of deliberately crude forms continues the history of simple Hellenistic life. Bright accents can serve as mosaic panels, variegated tiles, painted or sculptured friezes. The finishing touches are decorative ceramic objects and terracotta ware, textiles from untreated flax, as well as paintings with antique subjects.