Participation of parents in pre-school education of children

The great gift of nature is the continuation of the race, the incarnation of oneself in one's children. All parents want their child to be intelligent, well-bred, inheriting the best features of their father and mother.

Children are a great value, but even more important is the upbringing of the child. An example of courtesy and education should be parents who occupy one of the leading places in the upbringing of their child.

The first years of life

At the age of 1 to 2 years, children become more independent and curious. They will learn about the world with interest. Kids are energetic and constantly in motion. The task of parents is to help them understand certain situations, because the behavior of toddlers at this age is very often changed. They copy adults, try to help in some kind of homework, but they do it awkwardly and very slowly. Parents should encourage the child in such situations, the love of work has a positive effect on the process of further education of the baby.

From 2 to 5

The child grows up, his character and habits change. The kids have a desire to be useful. They like to play with their parents at home and on the street. Education in the preschool age of a sense of friendship contributes to the fact that children are friendly to their peers in the preschool, play and communicate with them, not provoking conflict situations.

In preschool education, parents need to pay attention to the child what is good and what is bad. Avoid frequent use of the word "no", interest the child in performing other actions in return for the ones suggested by him. Education of preschoolers is a complex process, so parents can always seek help from a psychologist to get the necessary consultations.

The atmosphere of goodness

Try to talk with your child in a tender, quiet and calm voice. Even an infant who seems to understand nothing, reacts to the intonation of adults. Do not allow yourself to raise the tone, even if you are very nervous or unhappy with the behavior of the child. Parents should learn their son or daughter from a young age affectionate words. A child who grew up in an atmosphere of kindness and friendliness will be kind and kind in the future.

Education of diligence

Due to their activity, preschoolers are like ants, who are constantly busy with some kind of their own business and always in motion. It is very bad if the parents want to do everything for the child, saying that he will have time to work out for his life. Such a child can easily become lazy, and already at school age will avoid doing errands in school and at home. The kid aspires to independence. Give him the opportunity to button up himself, dress, and collect his things. Do not take away his initiative. Allow to do the work feasible for him with you. The systematic nature of this process is the guarantee that the child will grow up hardworking.

Value of personal time

The upbringing of the preschooler must also be based on teaching the daughter or son to correctly allocate and appreciate time, to adhere strictly to the daily routine, which, if observed daily, can reach automaticity. This factor will be very useful when the child goes to school.


The education of a preschool child should be based on the mutual trust of the parents and the child. It is necessary to bring up the child so that he is always able to share with his father and mother with his sorrow or joy.

Do not try to blindly satisfy all the requests of the baby and be running errands. This causes the so-called "illness" - selfishness, narcissism, that in adolescence and young age will necessarily affect relations with friends and close people.

Parents should not push the child away from him with excessive severity and do not intimidate him. In the future, this can create an abyss between them. Never be indifferent to the child's business.

The main task of parents is the upbringing and preparation of the child for independent living. Parents should be the model and model for their child.

The task of parents is to put the best in the child's soul and then their old age will be happy!