Pink or blue?

The choice of clothing color determines not only the traditions and norms adopted in society, but also personal preferences.
Woman dressing in clothes of a particular color, gives some information about herself to others, the color of clothes reflects the state of the soul of its owner and can tell a lot about her character. But you can also "play" in the opposite direction - changing the color of clothes, affect your mood and emotional state, "paint" the world around yourself with bright colors.
Blue tones in clothes are preferred by intelligent and independent women who are able to take responsibility for their actions. They are modest and restrained, prone to melancholy. It's not always easy to get in touch.
Yellow is the color of leadership. Women who choose this color are prone to frequent changes in their lives, but they do not lose their heads, showing practicality and discretion. They easily find a common language with others, are not afraid to take risks and easily adapt to the new conditions of life.
Violet color attracts emotional, dreamy and easily inspired women. They are creative personalities - they write poems, draw, they do not like noisy society, preferring a narrow circle of acquaintances.
Orange women choose cheerful, energetic and purposeful, ready for change. They like flirting, parties, sociable, they have many acquaintances. long time do not seek a serious relationship. Red is the color of victory, the color of passion and temptation, active vitality and sexual attraction. Red is preferred by women who are not afraid to be in the spotlight, on the contrary, they want to attract attention, become more visible.
Green is likely to be preferred by women observant, stubborn and responsible, but somewhat selfish and eager for self-assertion. In their desire to prove something to others, they can slightly overdo it and give up their principles.
Black , as a rule, is chosen by women, for whom the image of authority, solidity and status is important. It is noticed that people in black smile little, thus creating an image of a gloomy and withdrawn person. However, if black strict suits are "work clothes", and in your spare time you prefer bright colors, this speaks for inner harmony and the ability to correctly prioritize.
White is the color universal, the color of purity, openness, sincerity and defenselessness. If the clothes of white predominate in the wardrobe of the woman, then this speaks not only of her accuracy, but also of the inner conviction of her own superiority over others.
Brown color in its pure form is quite boring, but the variety of its shades is impressive - chocolate, coffee with milk, sand. These soft and warm shades are preferred by women who are calm, loving home warmth and comfort, any social event will be preferred by evening with the family.
Gray is most often chosen by women who do not want to attract attention, perhaps at some point in their lives they need to "hide" from others, creating an image of a "gray mouse." Behind this inconspicuous facade, a volcano of passion can boil, or, conversely, a thin, vulnerable soul can hide.
Pink is the color of coquetry, carelessness and romance. An adult woman who surrounds herself with a cult of pink, in the depths of her soul, remains a girl in lace and bows. They are usually timid, hesitant, unable to make responsible decisions, are very sensitive and vulnerable.