Sergei Bodrov today would be 45 years old

Sergei Bodrov, Jr. was missing 14 years ago, when the young director along with the film crew came under a descending glacier in the Karmadon Gorge. Rescuers for almost two years trying to find the missing expedition, but never found the remains of filmmakers.

Despite the fact that so many years have passed, for relatives of Sergei, the wound does not heal from this tragedy, so neither his mother nor his wife gives an interview about him. Women do not want to take their sorrow to the public. The journalists managed to talk with Sergei's father, Sergei Bodrov, Sr.. Being a director himself, he was categorically opposed to his son going into the profession:
I was absolutely against it, said that only through my corpse you will be an actor. He said that this is a vocation, that one must be a genius, this is a dependent profession

Sergei did not object and was educated at Moscow State University on the separation of history and theory of art. Meanwhile, the movie itself found Bodrov, Jr.. In the beginning, he starred in several episodes, and soon played the main character in Alexei Balabanov's "Brother." After this role, as they say, Sergei woke up famous ...

Sergei Bodrov, Jr. recognized his wife, as soon as he saw

His personal life, Sergei carefully hid from prying eyes. Only once in one of the interviews he confessed that he immediately recognized his future wife - this is the kind he always imagined a woman who would be around.

In the film "Brother" Sergei Bodrov builds a love relationship with the heroines, but in real life for him there was only his wife, the actor was a monogamy. Colleagues on the set recall how he wrote gentle letters to his Svetlana from business trips.

Sergei Bodrov met Svetlana in Cuba, where both were on a business trip from the program "Vzglyad." The woman still works on television today. Svetlana alone brings up children - 18-year-old Olga and 14-year-old Alexander.

Sergei's children also try to avoid any attention from the public. It is known that Olga this year became a student of VGIK, and Sasha has not yet decided on the plans for the future.