The diet of Jeanne Friske

Many women are mistaken when they think that to maintain a good slender figure you need to sit on strict diets for life, limiting yourself to enjoying your favorite food almost constantly. A vivid example of the inconsistency of such arguments are well-known personalities-the pop star and cinema Zhanna Friske and the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. They are opponents of debilitating methods for losing weight. Both believe that strict diets bring much more harm and damage to health than tangible benefits. Therefore, nutritionists recommend focusing on a well-balanced, full-fledged nutrition in combination with individually designed physical training.

From a young age, Jeanne Friske was fascinated by dancing, always devoting a lot of time to dance. However, too intense training led to the growth of muscle mass, and this circumstance did not suit her. Now Jeanne Friske is engaged in dancing and fitness according to the individual program, specially designed by the coach for her. Her physical activities include a visit to the gym three times a week, aerobics and swimming in the pool. The advantage of such physical exertion is their integrated approach, thanks to which all muscle groups are in a tonus.

A small secret of this wonderful singer, which helps maintain a magnificent appearance and is an important advice from her, is an optimistic attitude to life. And of course, the special diet of Jeanne Friske.

Rules of the diet from the singer Jeanne Friske

Zhanna Friske is convinced that strict diets and constant unloading days will not give a long-term result, and this has forced her to abandon them long ago. The rule of her life is a separate food. In addition, it limits the use of hard-to-digest, high-calorie and flour products. For a long time, the singer observes the main Orthodox fasts and fasting days 2 times a week.

But on the other hand, Jeanne Friske from time to time spoils herself with not the most useful and dietary dishes, not forgetting about the confectionery. The singer believes that you can not always deny yourself the pleasure, it can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Jeanne is a lover of Japanese cuisine, which helps her to preserve the beautiful shapes of the figure, because the dishes of Japan contain a huge amount of beneficial substances for the body and at the same time are low-calorie and not fat.

Friske Jeanne has not one, but several diets. Among them, a special place is given to therapeutic nutrition. The duration of this diet is 7 days, during which time you can reduce weight by several kilograms. The essence of the diet is a separate diet, in other words, you can not use one meal and protein and carbohydrates. You can drink exceptionally non-carbonated mineral or drinking water, as well as green tea. During such a diet, one should forget about black tea, juices, coffee, flour products and sweet foods. Dinner - no later than 18 hours, should be the last meal.

Another version of the diet of the singer Zhanna Friske is to limit the use of meat no more than three days a week. However, once a week you can afford to enjoy a small amount of sweets. I must say that the effect of such a diet is simply stunning. If you want to lose a few pounds, stop on it, especially since this diet will not affect your health badly. Harm caused to the body by carbonated drinks and the benefits of separate food are obvious and undeniable.

Recommendations on nutrition rules from Jeanne Friske

So, the Friske diet, which women are so interested in, is a separate food in combination with a mobile lifestyle and a positive mood.