The most stylish hairstyles for the New Year 2018 for short hair

How beautiful to lay short hair? Stylists say: it's much easier than it seems. A little creative, patience, styling means - and your festive hairstyle will surpass all expectations.

Fashionable styling for short hair

Simple hairstyles

The easiest way to create an elegant styling - giving short hair a careless amount. You only need to treat the roots of hair with mousse or salt spray, and then - give the strands the right shape with a hair dryer and a large round brush. Use the setting of cool air, drying your hair from roots to tips. If necessary, use wax on some unruly strands. Such stackings look great on graduated, cascading and asymmetrical haircuts.

Bulk styling for short haircuts

Hairstyles with braids and waves

More feminine options - styling with braids, harnesses and curls on short hair. Even ultra-short strands can be slightly curled, arbitrarily arranged in an elegant bundle, a neat bundle or collected in a three-dimensional braid. Lovers of retro style can try an exquisite smooth hairstyle or "cold" waves. Run it will not be difficult: apply a damp texture hair gel or foam, comb them on an oblique part. Smooth styling is ready. If you decide to continue - create "flat" waves with your fingers and clamps, let the strands dry and fix the result with varnish.

Feminine styling for short hair

Hairstyles with decorations

Do not neglect hair accessories: barrettes, hoops, bandages, volumetric elastic bands and decorative hairpins not only beautify the hair, but also securely fix it. Do not forget about twisters and compact hairpieces - they will create spectacular styling without much effort.

Styling with a decor on short haircuts