Therapeutic and magical properties of peridot

Peridot is a mineral of yellow-green, olive-green, brownish-green color. The most rare of its shade is green shiny lime; stones of yellow shades are often referred to the class of chrysolites, but they are not identical in chemical composition. Peridot is lighter than emerald, but darker, more saturated than a diamond. At the heart of the name of the stone lies the Greek word "peridona", which means "giving abundance", in another it is called kashmir-peridot, olivine, forsterite.

Deposits of peridot. The mineral was discovered in Egypt (Alexandria), it was mined on the island of Zebargad, located in the Red Sea, fifty miles from the Egyptian coast. The Arabic name of the peridot sounds so - Zebagard. Peridot can be found in Burma, Italy, Iceland, Germany, Norway, Hawaii, Eiffel. The best stones are taken from the depths of the lands of Pakistan, but many minerals of excellent jewelry quality in the mountains of Arizona. It is expected to discover the reserves of this stone in San Carlos in the near future. It is mined in Norway, Congo, Brazil and Australia. He was found even in meteorites.

Therapeutic and magical properties of peridot

Magical properties. The magic properties of peridot are known to people from time immemorial. Mages used it as an amulet. The ancients believed that the stone possesses a force capable of destroying the magic charms, ward off evil eye, spoilage, evil spirits. The stone was framed with gold to reveal all its possibilities. Mineral used as a home guard for protection against theft, evil spirits and evil eye.

It is believed that olivine favors the zodiacal Pisces. Women are recommended to wear clips or earrings with this stone, so that happiness does not go away from home and family, for men to achieve success in their careers, you can carry a keychain with peridot. That love does not go out, the couple should wear the same ornaments with forsterite. The reputation of the peridot is mysterious, it prescribes the stone of the ability to give success in marriage, love and friendship, to extinguish anger. In ancient Egypt, stone was called "the stone of the Sun" because of its extraordinary brightness. According to legend, the stone can glow in the dark.

Medical properties. It is believed that Peridot is able to alleviate the condition of a patient with ARI, cure eye diseases. Asthmatics need to wear beads from this stone so that the seizures are lighter and shorter. It is assumed that olivine can help with diseases of the spine and have a beneficial effect on internal organs. With fever, the stone must be placed under the tongue, and the thirst will decrease. Under the influence of peridot there is the solar plexus chakra.

Amulets and talismans. An amulet or a talisman can be any ornament from peridot. This stone is the protector of merchants and those who make frequent trips. Peridot is not an assistant in bad deeds. Peridot helps its owner to make the right decisions, often it is used as an amulet, which improves friendly and family relations and brings success in work. More often wear gold rings with this crystal. To peridot guard from evil spirits, it is worn in the left hand, suspended on the donkey's hair. Peridot is one of 12 stones in gold frames with names of Israeli knees, decorating the ceremonial confidant of a Jewish priest.