Traditional methods of treating snoring

Do you know that according to statistics, up to fifty percent of the population of our planet suffers a different degree of snoring? That is, almost every second worries about the problem of snoring. This brings inconvenience because of snoring neighbors, relatives, companions in the compartment, neighbors in hospital wards. For those who have encountered this problem in their experience, we will tell you what are the popular methods of treating snoring.

Smokers are the most vulnerable to snoring. Smoking promotes the development of snoring, which causes abundant formation of mucus in the cavity of the pharynx and mouth of the person, irritates the respiratory tract and lungs, mucous membranes of the throat. Smokers can be advised to give up a cigarette two to three hours before bedtime. Traditional medicine for the treatment of snoring recommends rinsing the mouth and throat with olive oil before going to bed, thus reducing the swelling of the throat, inflammation, removes tar, which settle on the pharynx structures when smoking. Procedure: gargle with 1 tablespoon of oil for twenty to forty seconds, spit out after rinsing. Because of smoking, the nasal mucosa also inflames, which leads to difficulty breathing through the nose. Bury sea buckthorn oil in the nose, which will reduce the inflammation process on the nasal mucosa, improve nasal breathing, help get rid of snoring. If there is a vasomotor rhinitis, sea buckthorn drops can also help.

There are a number of exercises for the muscles of the larynx, which will help in the treatment of snoring, here are some of them:

Traditional methods of treating snoring have in their arsenal several useful recipes:

It was observed - snoring is most intense when a person sleeps on his back. A well-known folk way suggests how to arrange so that the snoring person does not turn on his back during sleep: a tennis ball or other compacted object is put in a pocket sewn on the pajamas on the back. Thus, the foreign object will not allow to roll over on a back. Initially, the sleeper will experience discomfort, as he is accustomed to sleeping on his back, but after about a month the need to roll over on his back will disappear. It is also recommended to ensure the position at the head of the bed is slightly higher than usual. You can put the bars under the legs, so that the upper part of the body was raised. In this position, it is impossible to twist the tongue, if the sleeper is still lying on his back. The padded cushions, tightly stuffed, will not solve the problem, since during sleep the head can slide off the pillows and remain tilted, which ultimately only strengthens the snoring.

The cause of snoring is also the excessive weight of the sleeper. Compliance with diets will help get rid of bothersome snoring at night.

If traditional methods of treating snoring could not help to cope with the problem, consult a doctor for examination and getting an accurate diagnosis. He will prescribe the optimal treatment for this disorder. Snoring is not only a social inconvenience, but, first of all, a medical problem that can lead to stopping breathing during sleep, worsen daytime activity, thereby worsening the quality of life. Modern medicine can offer effective methods of treating snoring, one of which is the creation of positive pressure in the airways. At the first symptoms of snoring try to solve the problem folk methods, in the absence of effect, contact an ENT doctor, you may have to perform surgery.