Lose weight without harm to health

You all week on a diet, stubbornly count up the spent calories and you divide (share) squirrels, fats and carbohydrates? All this is fine, but ... a little. One of the main principles of dietetics says: you must be in a state of prolonged and relatively easily reproducible state of psychoemotional comfort. (True, it sounds beautiful?)
And if in a simple way, it is necessary to accumulate positive emotions and constantly get rid of negative ones. That's it for this purpose, let's go together ... on football!

Just do not think that we invite you to go to the sports room, and watch the broadcast on the TV for the crunch of chips and salted nuts. We generally do not talk about beer. No, we're going to a real stadium. Of course, no one forces you to swear by blood in loyalty to the local team. This idolatry is the priority of men. We are only interested in emotions. No, better so, EMOTIONS. Well, tell me, where else can you just play hard, without catching the evil glances of those around you? By the way, on football you can not only scream, but also whistle, clap your hands, stomping with all your might, singing songs, jumping up, chanting rechonks, waving your arms ... In general, as you understand, you are provided with a crazy drive! And not to look like a black crow among the fans, remember some of the nuances of the game and the subtleties of behavior in the stadium.
We do not think that it's worth explaining to you the rules of football: well, who does not know about eleven team players and about substitutions, referee cards, penalties, goals, about 2 halves of 45 minutes and extra time after the main.

The only thing that the beautiful half of humanity usually does not know (or does not remember) is that in the second half the teams change their gates. Oh, how many women burned on this, heartily rejoicing at the goal of the enemy team under the disapproving glances of others. But that is not all. Immediately warn: it's better not to take tickets to the fan sector. Of course, if you do not pursue the goal to get acquainted with the violent 20-year-old fan, after all this age group occupies these places. Therefore, we do not stint and buy tickets more expensive (the ideal option is the VIP sector) - it's better to get sick, like to lose weight, better with comfort. Now about clothes. In the role of football cheerleader need to get used, and therefore, it is worth attaching a T-shirt and a cap with the emblem of your favorite team or (for stalwart devotees of glamor) to tie a scarf of a certain color.

If you do not want to spend money on equipment, you can just dress up in "fan" colors. Abroad fans paint faces with intricate make-up, but we have this tradition, thank God, somehow did not get accustomed. The maximum that is depicted on the cheeks is the flag of the football club. Oh, so as not to forget: do not even think about taking a pipe to the stadium with you - now it's considered bad form. But flags and banners (large cloth with inscriptions and drawings) are welcome. We assure you, if you miss the flag for an hour and a half, you will not only make your native team happy, but also you will help you to trick your triceps. Separately, I must say about the "wave." How would I explain this? Viewers take turns from their seats and sit down again, creating a real wave effect on the stadium.

Very entertaining show, and participation in it is a sacred duty of all, without exception. We are only on hand, sorry, on the back of the thigh, but it's between us ... And some more useful tips. If, when replacing players, you liked the game of the outgoing, it is worthwhile to spend it with a sea of ​​applause, otherwise - choose whistle and an angry stamping. If there are no young children nearby, strong expressions are welcomed (but not from the lips of the lady). And lastly, if you can not spend a couple of hours without food at all, or you need to compensate adrenaline with constant chewing, then you can take seeds with you (after all, almost all the fans do it). Well, it seems to be all. Although...
British experts have calculated how many calories are spent by a fan while watching a football match. Only do not fall: 1145 kcal per game! In order to demonstrate this in more detail, let's say that the same amount of energy will be spent for 3 hours of uninterrupted sex or 40 minutes of active strength training.