Urethral massage on bougie in men

Features of urethra massage for men.
Unfortunately, more and more often men face such a problem as urinary tract disease. In truth, the methods of its treatment are not the most pleasant for the reason that this disease is treated by the massage of the urethra. Yes, even it sounds scary, but nevertheless massage is recognized as the most effective method of treating this problem. It is performed by a specially designed for this treatment object, which looks like a rod and has a proud name - bougie.

It is fairly believed that due to the fact that the bougie penetrates into the very depth of the urethra and helps to secrete an inflammatory secret, the timing and quality of treatment is significantly reduced. Not unimportant in carrying out this massage is, so to speak, the dexterity of the hands of the masseur. Because it affects the sensation during the procedure and the quality of its implementation.

Massage of the urethra

This kind of massage, like most other therapeutic massage, is performed in the patient's reclining position. To get rid of the urinary canal from the secondary flora, it must be washed with a special solution and filled with the same bladder. With one hand, fixing the penis, the second doctor slowly introduces the bougie into the urethra and begins to massage them with a slight pressure. After the procedure is finished, the channel should be rinsed. Typically, the duration is one minute, and the procedure is carried out at intervals of one day.

Because of the delicate specificity of the procedure, to solve this problem it is better not to try to massage at home. Address to professionals. Find a really good specialist can be on the feedback and recommendations of friends.

How to understand that you have inflammation

The main sign of inflammation is the appearance of excreta, but they can have several causes. Remember that excretions are normal only during sexual arousal and they appear under the influence of the work of the urethral glands.

Non-inflammatory discharge

If you notice an uncontrolled selection of sperm without intercourse, do not ignore this process. This occurs with chronic diseases of the central nervous system, resulting in a weakened muscle tone of the ducts that lead to sperm.

Damage to the urethra by a foreign body can cause bloody discharge. This can happen when taking an analysis or examining the urethra. But there may also be more serious causes, such as swelling of the urethra of the penis or arterial hypertension, in need of immediate diagnosis and treatment.

If, after visiting the toilet, you observe discharge without an admixture of spermatozoa, then this may be a symptom of a prostatic disease.

Inflamed discharge

A drop of translucent secretions of white-milk color or mucopurulent discharge are the main sign of non-gonococcal urethritis, which occurs with ureoplasmosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis and other diseases. Concomitant symptoms can be pain, itching and rezi.

A thick yellow or green liquid secreted from the urethra is a symptom of gonococcal urethritis, trichomoniasis or bacterial urethritis. The main signs are a significant allocation of pus, itching, pain and pain.

If you are diagnosed with such diseases as hemorrhoids, thrombosis, proctitis, adenoma and some others, then the urethra massage is strictly contraindicated to you, so before you get the course procedures, be sure to inform them about the doctor.