We get rid of white spots on the face and under the eyes

We tell what the white dots appear on the face and how to deal with them.
Every person on his face sometimes has white dots. They look like small pimples, and in shape and size resemble millet. Expressed in the language of cosmetologists, they are called miloons and are a type of acne.

Those who have already encountered such a problem know that they do not bring any particular discomfort, but they can spoil the appearance. Therefore, the majority of the militia owners try to get rid of them on their own, trying to squeeze out. As a rule, this procedure does not bring any results, except pain. And if you try to pierce such a white point with a needle, you can put an infection into the body.

Causes of appearance

Naturally, it is interesting to know where such white acne comes from. The reasons can be very diverse:

Removing white dots

Of course, you can try this procedure yourself. But, as a rule, such experiments quickly end.

Firstly, the milium is so dense that it is impossible to squeeze it out. And secondly, on the site of cosmetology experiments there is reddening, which takes a long time to pass. Therefore, it is better to go to a cosmetology room.

  1. Mechanical method. It is considered to be the simplest and most effective. Milium is simply pierced with a special thin and sterile needle, after which its contents are squeezed out.
  2. Laser treatment. This method is used when the area of ​​the face affected by white dots is quite extensive. The beam acts immediately on the entire surface of the skin and removes the pimples.
  3. Electrocoagulation. The essence of the method is that white dots are ignited by electronic pulses with the help of a special needle.

All these methods are completely painless and guarantee instant results. In addition, you will be sure that the white dots will not appear in the future, of course, if you follow the rules of skin care.

Preventing the appearance of white dots

In order not to face such a problem, it is necessary to follow several recommendations of cosmetologists.

In any case, whichever pimple you decide to squeeze out on your face, before doing this, think carefully. To put the infection in the open wound is quite easy, but to get rid of the consequences of your actions can be very difficult. If there is any confusing situation with the face, be sure to contact the beautician. This is particularly true of white dots. Intense extrusion in some cases even leads to small scars and scars on the face.