Wedding decorations of the bride

Every girl on her wedding day, of course, wants to look irresistible. It's no secret that the main attention before preparing for this important event for women is paid to dress and hairstyle. But for some reason quite a few brides at this moment show a proper interest in wedding decorations. But there are a lot of them. Selection of the perfect combination of wedding jewelry and accessories with dress, make-up and hairdo, will help create a complete and unique image of the bride.
Wedding rings.
Let's start with the rings. About them a long time to talk does not make sense, because in the first place, it is impossible to forget about this ornament and it's impossible to do without it, since it is a key element of the marriage ceremony, and secondly, from the variety of engagement rings present in jewelry salons, any girl will be able to choose the most suitable for the wedding model alongside.

One of the most common bridal wedding decorations is a veil. It's up to you to dress her up for the ceremony or not, but if you still decide to supplement your image with a luxurious veil, in a good wedding salon you will be offered a choice with short and long train models, wreaths made of fake flowers, lace or curly lace. It is worth paying special attention to the color of this wedding decoration. It is desirable that he was one tone with a dress, so recommend to buy a veil and dress at the same time.

The hat of the bride.
If, for some reason, the veil does not suit you, look at the original and stylish wedding hats. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it and pick up the appropriate headgear. For a high bride, a low hat with wide margins is more suitable, and beauties of small height can look at hats higher, but with thin margins. Do not abuse the number of jewelry on the wedding headgear, because in this case there is a risk of being seen before the guests of the owner is not an ideal taste. And, of course, as in the case of a veil, in the first place, the hat should go to the wedding dress.

If you are sure beforehand that even on the day of your wedding you will not be able to part with a mobile phone and a cosmetic bag for a long time, take care in advance about choosing the appropriate handbag. In any wedding salon you will be offered options with tempting names "pompadour", "envelope", "desk bag" or "purse on the strap". Such handbags are often sewn from the same fabric as the dress, and as decorations for them use rhinestones, feathers and even artificial flowers. The secret is the same - the bag should be in harmony with everything that will be put on you at this solemn moment. Only regret yourself and do not stuff your bag with vital things to the point of failure, because you will have to go with her for a long time on the wedding day. By the way, the most practical women prefer to choose such a purse as an ornament for the wedding dress of the bride, which will equally well be combined with the evening dress, in order to use it in the future.

Wedding Jewelry.
In order to truly shine all evening and sparkle with sparks of reflected light, pick up some original ornaments to your wedding party. Their diversity is simply amazing. Tiaras, pendants, necklaces, bracelets with precious stones, crystals or faceted crystal. All these wedding decorations of the bride are created by real masters with only one purpose - to emphasize the natural beauty and uniqueness of the one whose outfit they will decorate.

There are many more ways for a girl to make her wedding outfit original and memorable. These are boas, gloves, garters and even properly selected underwear. But the most important thing is that the groom, seeing the bride in all the glitter and glow of ornaments, even more strongly burned to his beloved with love.