West Highland White Terrier

These are restless and positive dogs, constantly demanding attention to themselves, like little children. They have voiced voice and brave character. Unlimitedly trusting their master, they, despite the small growth, will always stand up for his protection. Dogs of this breed are very peaceful from nature, but, like all terriers, require training and education.

History of the breed

West Highland Terriers came to us from northwestern Scotland. They were taken out and successfully used to hunt badgers, foxes and otters. The main requirements for them were a small amount and activity to pursue their prey on crevices in rocks and shrubby terrain. The very word "terrier" comes from the Latin "terra" - "earth". That is why terriers are often also called "earthen dogs".

Terrier without any problems finds a beast hidden in a hole, fearlessly enters with him in a tough fight. Can drive out or at the command of the owner to drive the prey to a standstill and hold it there until the hunter himself appears. 1908 became a landmark for this breed - the first representatives of West Highland Terriers were officially registered in the American club of dog breeders. This was a big breakthrough for a small white terrier from the highlands of Scotland.


West is not bully, but always without fear can stand up for the boss and himself in the fight against a major opponent. In the breed of this there is everything you can wish for in a normal dog. The spirit of the breed is well expressed by a phrase spoken by one of her devoted fans: "There is no water for them too cold, and there is no hole inaccessible to them."

These dogs have many virtues. By nature, the terriers are very brave, strong, enduring, energetic, devoted to all family members, loving people, who have a living mind and excellent health. To the disadvantages of specialists include: their persistence (the quality inherent in all terriers), the ability to achieve their goals. However, this only once again can emphasize the strength of their character and unprecedented purposefulness.

West Highland terriers really like women and children, and the dogs themselves just love to play with the kids. But they also with love and patience can make a company for an elderly person. If the owner is an active lover of walks and distant travel, then the terrier with great pleasure will accompany it everywhere. Thanks to this high communication skills, a terrier can be an ideal companion not only for a particular person, but also for the whole family.


Representatives of this breed do not stink of a dog and never molt. Wool must be combed every day with a brush and at least twice a year (ideally - three times) the dog needs to be trimmed. Wool can be plucked with your fingers or a special trimming knife (stripping). It is very undesirable to use the clipper - this will worsen the structure of the coat for a long time (maybe even forever). Well and correctly trimmed wool becomes stiff and dense, due to which the dog practically does not "swirl" and does not get dirty. Daily combing with a hard brush will keep West Highland in perfect condition all the time. It is not difficult and pleasant for the dog and the owner.

These dogs adapt easily to life in the city and in the countryside - the terrier can successfully live in the room and on the street in the kennel. But most of all he likes to be in a family, in a warm place near a battery or a fireplace. In this case, the dog should be able to run every day, play around with the ball. In fact, although West Highland is used today as a decorative breed, it was initially derived for hunting and active life.