What hairstyles do men consider the most sexy?

Acquaintance between a man and a woman is a rather interesting process. Watching this from the outside is quite interesting. Why is that? Yes, because everyone has his own selection criteria, that's it, and that's interesting.

After all, let's recognize, when meeting a man and a woman do not see each other from the inside. They see only the image. And this image is based only on the beauty of the body. And it's not strange.

Let's be frank, every man wants to go on a date with a very beautiful girl, and that's a fact. And it's not clear why this is so. Although ..., in fact, everything is clear. This is triggered by instinct. Plus, the man likes the way his girl looks around. By this he, as it were, shows that he is very cool. That only he has such a girl, and so on.

Yes it is clear. A man looks at beauty, but what exactly is hidden under this word? How it should be understood? If you put two girls near. No, not even that. If you take one girl, well, take a picture of her made up, with the hair done, in a beautiful outfit. And then make another photo, on which the girl will not make up. Now we print both photos, we put them side by side. If you give them to a man, then he may not even understand that this is the same woman. Well, of course, choose the painted.

Men are males, they win the female, well, females ... they have to do everything that men try to conquer them.

This is the essence of dating to win a female. So he will approach, in the first place, to a beautiful girl. And then he will already look at the character, the soul. He can fall in love, and they have a relationship to continue, or maybe not. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that you have to understand that the more beautiful you girls are, the more chances you have of meeting your soul mate.

If we go back a bit, we figured out what it means to look beautiful. Now you know that you need to be painted, it's harmful or not harmful, but it needs to be done. Next, you need to have a very nice outfit. Without him, no way in our time. Open your legs, let them be visible. Do not forget about the bust. This is all very important in the process of conquering men. Well, in general, everything is clear with clothes. She should do her job, so that a man, without hesitation, came to you. After all, you also do not forget, there is no such fact as "The man conquers". In fact, this is not the case.

The woman conquers in the first place, that's just not with words and actions, as a man does, but with his own appearance. So here it is still in question, the question: "Who is the first person to meet? ", As you can see, everything is ambiguous. So, something we are delayed. Let's continue talking about appearance.

What else does a man notice? Footwear! Yes Yes. Although this is a small element, but he notices it almost in the first place. After all, he will look at your legs, which, respectively, and on shoes too. It is best to shoe some tempting heels, which will attract a man his appearance.

Do not forget about the manicure and pedicure. At a distance, he may not notice them, but at a meeting. So do not forget to take care of this important moment. We gradually got close to our main topic of conversation, namely: "What hairstyles do men consider the most sexy? ".

This is a rather interesting question, and it should be discussed for a long time. After all, hair - they like men. Their fragrance, their softness, the way they look. Men consider the upper body of a woman to be the most attractive. Yes Yes. You are not mistaken. It is the upper part. Quite a strange moment, because they always look at the bottom, but, as you can see, it's quite the opposite. That's why you need to monitor the condition of the hair and other "upper body".

What kind of haircut should I choose for myself? Also a good question. In general, every girl is decorated with her own hair. That is, you need to choose a suitable hairstyle for yourself. But here's the trouble, it turns out, men are attracted to certain hairstyles, which they consider sexual.

Once upon a time there was a vote. A lot of votes were collected, and the results were not as expected.

Well, now let's discuss, for what hair styles men voted, and try to figure out why this is so.

So, in the first place was a woman who had loose wavy hair of medium length. Why is that? Let's think together. Firstly, the hair is loose, the word "dissolved" appears in the subconscious of the man, that is, his subconscious mind thinks that this girl is loose. Perhaps this is what attracts him. In addition, the hair has a wavy texture. Then again we turn to the subconscious of the man. It thinks that relations will be wavy. Such relationships attract many men. And then, you noticed that many actresses, and other very famous people, use this hair. Because to them and pulls all men.

In second place we had a woman who had her long, loose hair, medium length. Again, we return to the word "dissolved". As you can see, here one important factor disappeared from the hair, that's why this hairdo took only the second place. Although among men it is very popular.

The second place is also occupied by the hairstyle, where these hair are medium long, collected in a high "horse" tail. This, too, for some unknown reason, attracts men.

The third place was occupied by a woman who had a haircut "quads". In hot weather, this haircut is perfect, but in addition, it also attracts men well.

What kind of hair do not men like? They do not like, most of all, the hair, where the hair is gathered in a bun. This hairstyle makes the lady too strict. In her image, there will not even be a hint of sexuality.

Also, men do not like when the hair is colored in different colors, or in the hair is dominated by the creative. This hairdo should not be done.

We hope, our article will help win the hearts of many men, and you will be satisfied with yourself. Good luck!