Cartoons for little children

Always it was the cartoons for young children that were one of the most favorite entertainments. However, modern parents begin to worry and limit their viewing, believing that cartoons have a detrimental effect on the child's psyche because of ugly drawing, violence and much more. But is there really no good cartoon for young children?

Soviet cartoons - kind and bright

Of course, there are many cartoons that need to be shown to children. First of all, these are kind, bright and bright cartoons. For example, psychologists advise showing such wonderful cartoons as "Umka", "Little Raccoon", "Prostokvashino", "The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh", "The Adventures of Kuzi's Home," "The Adventures of the Cat Leopold." It is not surprising that such cartoons are recommended for children. Vivid but not annoying look pictures and subjects that promote friendship and mutual help positively affect the child's psyche, leaving in the child's mind concepts about conscientiousness, honesty, kindness, friendliness.

Some parents even forbid children to watch TV. This decision is fundamentally wrong, because it is the cartoons that become the opportunity to get answers to many questions. In addition, watching what characters like children, you can determine what the child is feeling, because when choosing a character, he unconsciously identifies himself with it.

Many children have a habit of revising the same cartoon a hundred times. In this also there is nothing to worry about. Do not forget that we all love to watch and read many favorite films and films. It's just that small children do not have such a big choice, because they have not had time to see, that's why their parents do not care about anything but one cartoon.

Good quality cartoons have a philosophical meaning, which is accessible and understandable for children. If a child is revising a cartoon, then he wants to deal with the topic that he displays. The more he looks the same, the easier it becomes.

Criterion for selecting cartoons

Many parents do not know by what criteria it is better to choose cartoons for young children. In fact, there is no clear separation between good and bad cartoons. Simply, many of them are not designed for children's audiences. For example, such cartoons as "The Corpse Bride" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" can by no means be called bad and substandard. On the contrary, these are wonderful cartoons filled with symbolism, hidden undertones, humor and kindness. Just such cartoons are calculated at least for a teenage audience. In order to correctly understand such a cartoon, a person must have a sufficient supply of knowledge and concepts. The little child simply does not have them. That's why cartoons of this kind and are undesirable for watching the children's audience. Anime belongs to this category of cartoons. Many parents believe that there are too many fights and monsters. In fact, in anime culture there are many true masterpieces that raise the problems of love, friendship, betrayal, loss, socialization and much more. But again, in order to understand anime, the child must reach adolescence. Although there are cartoons among the anime that can be shown to children, for example, such as "Candy, Candy" - anime, which many themselves remember from childhood.

It is also worth noting that children should not be allowed to watch cartoons where there is death. In fact, in four to five years the child is looking for answers to questions about death. And he needs to give them, just in a form in which he can understand and understand the information received.

And finally, a few tips on which cartoons are best for children of different ages.

Up to three years: cartoons where there are songs and poems, cartoons about animals, in which there is little information.

From three years to preschool age: cartoons about friendship, relationships with peers, without incomprehensible for a given age of images.

For the age of junior school: cartoons about adventures, friendship, enmity, responsibility, conscience.

For teenagers: cartoons about life values, life, smetti, love, relationships.