Eyebrows and eyelashes dyeing

Recently, the coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes has become very popular, as many women are not satisfied with the natural color of these parts of the face. However, on their way to beauty there are obstacles in the form of heat, dust and water, under the influence of which mascara, pencil and other cosmetics lose their durability, as a result of which makeup may not survive, or simply deteriorate. Persistent cosmetics also can not become a basis for everyday make-up, since it can be washed away only by special means that are not characterized by softness. Frequent use of persistent cosmetics significantly affects the skin. Help to maintain makeup can be a special persistent paint for eyelashes and eyebrows.

According to statistics, beauty salons every year increase the demand for the coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as for eyebrow correction. By the way, in Hollywood, multi-stage eyebrow care is considered quite popular. A large number of women, most often blonde, do not like "pale" eyelashes, which means they have to diligently paint them with ink to make their eyes expressive. In hot weather, usual make-up has to be adjusted repeatedly, and after a day's work to wash off waterproof mascara, certain efforts are needed. Of course, such daily routines do not make eyelashes healthy.

Correction of eyebrows is also necessary: ​​they can burn out in the sun, or they can just ponder. In both cases it is safer and more useful to use for the expressiveness of eyebrows and eyelashes resistant paint, which can be found in almost any beauty salon or cosmetics store. However, in any case, do not use any hair dye when painting eyelashes and eyebrows - this can damage the structure of the hairs, which can simply fall out. In addition, hair dye may contain chemicals that can leave traces of burns on the delicate skin around the eyes. Let expensive, but high-quality tools, first, do not harm, and secondly, they will be used longer. Such paint is produced in tubes of different volumes with an indication of the amount of staining. It is quite possible to use one tube for two.

The paint is black, brown and gray. Brown is suitable for red-haired women, gray for blondes. Colors of colors can be combined, for example, to color eyebrows in brown, and eyelashes - in black. Expensive paint is also good in that everything necessary for coloring is immediately attached to it: a bowl, a brush, a spatula, etc. Packages with some paints of the above mentioned instruments do not contain. In this case, you will need: a small container of glass, plastic or ceramics (metal forbidden), in which the paint will be diluted, special gauze or cotton swabs in the form of a crescent (needed to protect the eye area) or, alternatively, cotton wheels, folded in half. To apply the paint, take also a clean brush from the carcass or cotton swabs.

Carefully study the instruction, according to which prepare the paint. Typically, the method of preparation is the same: 1-2 ml of the paint should be mixed with 5-10 drops of 10% hydrogen peroxide and mixed until the paint becomes homogeneous. If peroxide is not applied to the paint, you can dissolve the hydroperitone tablet in 1 tsp. water at room temperature. Use the paint immediately after preparation. The resulting paint will be light in color and darken only when applied to the hair.

Before you begin to paint the eyelashes and eyebrows, you need to lubricate the area around the eyes with a fat cream (any) or zinc ointment. Carefully watch that the cream does not hit the dyed hairs, otherwise the paint just does not gain a foothold on them. On the same area you need to put cotton swabs, which must be previously moistened with boiled water. In this case, the lower eyelashes should lie on tampons. Further, having dipped the prepared brush in a paint, it is necessary to put it a thick layer on hairs, not touching a skin. The eyelids should be tightly closed during the procedure, tilt the head forward to avoid getting into the eyes. Otherwise, the paint will burn mucous to relieve burning, you need to stop the procedure, rinse your eyes with cold water. However, if the burning is not very strong, it is enough to wait until the tears wash the paint from the eyes. Once the burning is stopped, you can paint further. This problem arises not only when painting at home - it is possible to get paint into the eyes in specialized institutions.

Depending on the desired result, the eyebrows are stained for 5-10 minutes, eyelashes - about 15 minutes. Therefore, first lash the eyelashes, and then only the eyebrows, because the paint should be washed away from one and the other area at one time. After fifteen minutes, the paint should be removed with a cotton disc (dry!), And then wash eyelashes and eyebrows with plenty of warm water. You can not rub your eyes! On those places where the paint got to, you need to rub the greasy cream with massaging movements, and then remove it with a cotton-wool soaked in water.

If you carefully dyed eyebrows and eyelashes, you will see the result: makeup using the usual cosmetics looks worse than the color, because when applying a pencil and ink, you do not paint all the hairs, while persistent paint penetrates even in hard-to-reach places. To keep the effect long, do not use soap, milk and other cleansing agents on stained areas. To take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows can castor oil, which must be applied before bedtime every day.