When the past knocks on the door: how to behave with an ex-man

How to behave with a former guy or a man
Each woman has her own behavior strategy with ex-men. Some prefer to maintain friendly relations, others follow the principle "out of sight, out of mind". Difficult: if the former man in combination is also your colleague or, for example, a good friend of your best friend. In a word: if even after the break you have to communicate with him. In this article, we will talk about the strategy of behavior with the former beloved.

The rules of how to behave with an ex-man

Do not pour tears

The gaps are different. They threw you or you yourself wanted to finish the relationship - an unpleasant residue will remain anyway. A self-respecting woman should in no way show others what is bad for her. If you work with a former person in the same team, be prepared for the fact that you will want to regret and comfort with the words "all the peasants goats." Do not let yourself slack, even in such moments. Because all your words and complaints about the former can then be kindly invested in his own ears. Try to treat the rupture philosophically: you were fine, but there is no prospect for this relationship.

If you broke up with friends, tell your friends about it. A successful and confident girl does not need sympathy and pity. Let third-party observers get the impression that you feel great and ready for new acquaintances. Even if you are not ready for them yet, do not devote much time to psychological self-analysis. Let go of the former, play a good mood until optimism and positive thinking return to you. You show your ex-man that in spite of everything you continue to live and enjoy every day.

Keep the distance

Respect is caused only by those people who remain true to their word. The same goes for relationships. If you were told the last word and the decision to terminate the relationship was your initiative - stick to it. Remember because of what you decided to leave before you call the former or smile at him straight as in the old-good times.

And even more so do not try to resume the relationship if the initiator of the gap was a man. Perhaps your relationship has really outlived itself, and the loneliness that you feel now will pass in a few weeks. A survey of the male half of the population showed that they do not like it when the former passion is hung around the neck.

Conclusion: be unavailable. Be kind, do not distinguish it from others - this is the best tactic of behavior after parting.

Do not clarify the relationship with a former lover

Often after the separation, the woman remains alone with her grievances and arguments. You can spend hours or hours in the head of those or other moments, finding in the behavior of the former man more and more new shortcomings. And how sometimes you want to reproach him, remember how he was wrong and poddet in the presence of your mutual friends. But if you say, you will hardly feel the expected satisfaction, but humiliate yourself in the eyes of others. As you know: the relationship is determined by someone who cares. Even if the wounds are still fresh, keep yourself in hand and remember that your romance with this man is an inverted page that does not cost a minute of your time.