Where and how to find inspiration?

It would seem that this question is most relevant for people of creative professions - poets, artists ... But in any other profession, without a certain amount of inspiration you can not do - and the floor can be washed with different moods, and the result of the work will depend on the mood. And you will see this result first of all to you. It's no secret that even a brilliant result (pure sex or a written poem) can be perceived with ecstasy ("Aye yes I!"), And with disgust ("At last I finished this disgusting work, how she bored me ...") the inspiration of people of creative professions is taken - it is necessary to ask them, and it seems that they do not "take" it, but it condescends to them. It's just that a person can not write at the moment this very poem, a picture, etc. The usual, "earthly" people, most often have to work, in whatever this work was not. You always need a daily bread, a clean floor, a delicious dish ... But inspiration is not always there!

Where can we get this inspiration, when it's necessary to do our own business, but it's not there, well, there is no desire to do just what is needed now? There is no desire not because laziness, not because there is no mood, but simply do not know how to get down to this, maybe even the usual, activities?

The first thing you need to tune in. Do not try to fulfill the necessary through force, almost with tears and disgust, but sit and think about this work, about the result that it will bring about the joy of this result. Remember how you did it before, because once you did it with pleasure! Or enjoyed using the results of this work, performed by others. Yes, it's not a secret - everything should be done first of all with the mood, with a smile, even inner.

Then, we have the perfect weapon in the fight against any reluctance, any negative, any split - this is our imagination! It will help to awaken inspiration, uplift, help to find strength for any cause. Remember that you are inspired at all times - the sky? The sun? Sea? Favorite person? Imagine this, imagine in your imagination what pleases you in everyday life - a beautiful landscape, a luxurious cake, a young bird's market in the "bird market," and a smile will appear, the imagination will lead you farther and farther, and the necessary inspiration will come!

But this is help in our ordinary, everyday affairs ... And if you need inspiration just to write a beautiful congratulatory poem, draw an unusual picture, make an article from beads? It will help all the same. Imagination, love, the sky ... The memory of what you so cool happened earlier. Knowing that someone else also succeeded in this - see pictures on themed sites, read other people's works. And the motivation is what is necessary always and in any business, the understanding is not that "it must be done - the blood from the nose!", And the realization of the need for this to bring someone joy will help in life, will tell the right path, show how you know how to love. How do you know how to turn any of your actions into an exciting creative process.

And of course, to seek inspiration is not at the moment when suddenly "urgently needed." It must be educated in yourself, so that it always lived in you, was always ready to illuminate, at any moment. How to do it? To all is touch to the beautiful. Beautiful music, poetry, aromas, species - all this should be in your life always, surround you, be compulsory. Having become accustomed to always be surrounded by beauty, you will inevitably want to multiply the beauty in the world, but what is this? This is the inspiration! And do not just surround yourself with beauty in everyday life - visit the museum, concerts, exhibitions, - always be surrounded by talent, talented people, the results of their inspiration and imagination. Without this, too, it is difficult to manage ... And fortunately, there is no need to do it, it has become available to absolutely everyone. Even sitting at the computer can be put at the service of his inspiration.

So, where to find inspiration? It is not necessary to search for it! It must always be ready, it is so wonderful that it should not be wrung out, "developed", caused artificially. It must come by itself - from thought, memories, melodies ... from everything! You just need to be an inspired person - to dream, to love, to find the charm in everything, to want to make a miracle from any trifle. To be able to enjoy the results of your work and rest, and make them so that they bring joy not only to you, adorn the surrounding world, even a little!