Anti-cellulite massage by banks

Features of anti-cellulite massage with the help of cans
One of the differences between a man and a woman, to whom women undoubtedly envy, is the fact that men do not have cellulite. This is due to the hormonal background of the woman. So, dear ladies, we have to pay for the fact that we are a beautiful sex. The most terrible thing is that this brazen and mean cellulite (or in other words orange peel) does not bypass any woman. It does not matter whether you are fat or thin, you are up to 30 or more - he spares no one. But in the modern world, as well as against any enemy, an antidote has been invented and it must be said that not one dozen methods have been invented to combat it. But it is in this article that we will talk about anti-cellulite massage by banks.

The meaning of this type of massage is that the impact on the body occurs by creating a vacuum thanks to the special plastic jars that create it. You ask why ordinary vacuum so positively affects the skin. The fact is that during the procedure, blood circulation increases, more oxygen enters the skin, lymph circulation occurs, skin breathing increases, and external signs of cellulite also leave. The skin becomes more smooth and even, the firmness and tone of muscles is enhanced.

During the massage, a large amount of secretion occurs from the sebaceous and sweat glands. As is known, a large number of salts and other elements dangerous to the organism are deposited in them.

Technique of cancellous anti-cellulite massage

Before the massage, the skin areas on which the massage will be performed must be warmed up and smeared with butter or cream, preferably if it is a special anti-cellulite remedy. In order to install the jar, it is necessary to compress the body in the center, and after fixing on the skin, release it. Try a couple of times to do it chaotically in order to understand the very scheme of installing a can. After the bank was fixed on the problem area, we begin to move it in the massaged area, without taking it from the skin. Movements should be smooth, circular and zigzag. Take your time to avoid bruising and bruising. Skin during the vacuum massage should be stretched a couple of centimeters up. After the end of the bank is removed by squeezing the body with your fingers.

Continue the massage until the skin acquires a red color, but not more than 10 minutes with a frequency of 1-2 days. The best result can be achieved by going through a course of 10-20 days twice a year.

Be sure to follow the precautionary measures, read the instructions attached to the banks, and make sure they are safe before use. Disinfect them with gauze wipes soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Contraindications to vacuum massage

Do not underestimate the can of massage, because it is able to eliminate even the most neglected stages. But you also need to understand that getting rid of orange peel is possible only in combination of massage with proper nutrition and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Do not eat greasy and harmful food, food from fast food. Do not forget to drink a lot of liquid, not less than one and a half liters per day, because this will help to remove salts and decomposition products from the adipose tissue as soon as possible.