Cancer: horoscope for autumn 2013

Autumn 2013 will give Rakka many chances for their personal development, the development of romantic relationships, but this cancers can prevent uncertainty and indecisiveness. In general, the autumn will be wavy, with ups and downs.

Horoscope September

In the beginning of autumn, the Rakov will have tense moments, but they will be able to overcome them, and with advantage.

September is a great time to accomplish a feat, to accomplish something that was not strong enough before. For example, visit your beloved grandmother, enroll in a fitness club, give up bad habits.

At the end of September, it is better not to start new projects, because it will not be possible to finish the business, only lose your strength and time. Do not allow yourself to be used by your environment. It is during this period that it is useful to be a healthy egoist, and it is better to think about your rest.

Love and family

In the beginning of September, storms await you: jealousy, trembling and tender admissions. For everyday life, you can buy long-planned household items, but do not deal with real estate.

Your relatives will need your authoritative everyday advice or other support and help. And you will sacrifice your interests. The inherent optimism of crayfish will illuminate everyone around.

In the second half of the month, harmony and mutual understanding are rooted in the family.

Career and finances

Incidents at work September will not bear cancer. You will do old things and correct long-standing flaws. You can establish relationships with colleagues, learn something new, exchange experience, improve your qualifications.

For finance - do not hesitate to return debts to someone (person or state). On the other hand, the money you lent to someone will return to you.

In paper red tape, delays may occur, despite the general well-being. In the second half of September, crayfish will feel a financial success.


September is favorable for practicing yoga, breathing practices and energy treatment, which will perfectly raise the overall tonusorganism. Sanatorium and spa treatment will also be effective.

In the second decade of the month, begin to cleanse the body of toxins, increase immunity and overall strengthening of the organism.

During this period it is better not to get involved in cosmetic procedures, better organize the inner beauty.

Horoscope October

The middle of autumn for Cancers will be a time of confrontation, and they will fight with themselves. Cancers will feel a non-internal contradiction, especially in the professional sphere.

By mid-October you will have to make compelling decisions. In the same period, a bureaucratic red tape is possible with complicated documents. In October, you will also be reminded of debts if you have them. And in finance, and in other commitments.

Love, family

In October, the home environment will not be comfortable in the emotional terms. Your requirements and requirements of your loved ones will differ. And the quarrel can arise because of a small puzzle. Do not think that the result will be what you want, in this period you will have to compromise.

In marital relations, many disputes Spartner can be solved through sex. In October, your libido is especially high and very demanding.

In the middle of October, crayfish can overcome the nostalgia, memories and past feelings and feelings. It is likely that you will turn to a long-term relationship. In relation to the children there will be a complete idyll. By the way, you can add a family.

Career and finances

In October, cancers at work are coming unstable and changing. You will emotionally perceive the directions of the leadership and react to the failures of the team. We advise to be simpler and not take it all to heart.

In the financial affairs of the planet promise stability, in the middle of the month, an unexpected receipt of money is possible-bonuses, gifts, bonuses.

In the second half, it is better to do cancer by building a house and creating a cozy environment. The costs will be pleasant.


Cancers are better not to forget about chronic diseases, they can become aggravated. Enrich your body with calcium to strengthen the bone system. Day regimen and a balanced diet will help to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

A female cancer should not miss the time for the implementation of cosmetic procedures. Especially effective at this time budutaromaterapiya, tinctures and herbal teas.

Horoscope November

In the last autumn month, the cold for the Rocks will be just outside the window, in their souls they will have creative fire. You decide what to warm up with this fire: an important working project, a loved one or a family home. Stars promise cancers active and positive November. Do not be idle, do not expect that everything will be solved by itself. This is a great period to show yourself, to multiply abilities and develop talents. Speaking about the multiplication, in November the crayfish awaits the addition in all senses.

In the last ten days of November, it is worthwhile to deal with the activities, establishing clarity and order in everything that depends on you. Otherwise, the state of chaos may hinder the successful conclusion of cases. Chaos can also cause criticism from superiors.

Love and family

In November, Cancers will be set for romance and love. At you practically there will not be a rebound from the opposite sex. In personal life there will be an overabundance of feelings. The position of Venus has to the fact that the rapporteur will develop an established relationship. Relations with children and a loved one will tantalize and inspire crayfish. However, children should not expect surprises, avam will sometimes have to change the carrot to the whip. But this is a normal pedagogical process.

The second half of November will bring a spoonful into the honey family relations of crayfish. Old grievances can come back and differences arise. All these crayfish will pass through the second circle, and draw other conclusions for themselves.

Career and finances

In November, crabs will be able to solve any, even the most boring production task due to optimism and inspiration. Yes, and such boring works will be enough. It is likely that it is during this period that the cancer will make a step that will change his future career.

The financial situation in November for representatives of this sign will be paradoxical: the receipt of money, the appearance of an unexpected item of expenditure. The delight for crayfish will be the covenant order or thing they have long wanted.

Business negotiations will be given to cancer very difficult because of bureaucratic delays and psychological discomfort. But intuition will help you to profitable and quickly navigate.


In November, possible diseases of the urinary system, infectious diseases, so be careful.

But still you should not get involved with drugs, if you can do without them, so do. November is a favorable period for water procedures, a contrast shower, fitness, immuno-fortifying programs that will have a positive effect on the state of the organism.

You can do yoga, which promotes spiritual and physical development. November, as a whole, will be favorable for understanding inner peace and working with internal energy.