Choosing a bicycle for a girl

Active way of life and support of an excellent form is exactly what each of us needs. But, sometimes, for our daily employment, we do not always have the opportunity to attend a gym or fitness. What can I say about the morning jogging, which is more often than not for us something distant and unrealized. What is capable to give dynamism of our life? The answer is simple - buying a bicycle. This type of transport is becoming more popular today. A healthy lifestyle and active rest are back in fashion! Choosing a two-wheeled companion for walking is a very complex and time-consuming process. After all, such a thing should serve not for one year and at the same time be convenient enough for a girl. On which side to approach to the solution of this question, we will consider further.

Where to begin

To begin with it is necessary to be defined, for what purposes your bicycle will be used. What is meant? Will there be walks in nature, trips around the city or maybe extreme mountain routes? First and foremost, it is necessary to find out the main purpose of the bicycle, hence we will start off. It is also worth taking into account personal parameters: height and weight, it is important in terms of convenience and comfort. We can further consider the issues of design, the addition of special accessories and accessories.

Types of bikes

The main classifier of this environmentally friendly transport is the rim diameter and the number of shock absorbers. The most common and popular in everyday life - urban bicycles. They are characterized by the development of low speed, a high level of comfort, thanks to a comfortable seat and frame. At the same time, this type is very easy to maintain and is not expensive in case of repair. In this bicycle, good cushioning and convenient handling. Its only drawback, which certainly will not like any girl, is a pretty big weight. Ideal if you plan to travel by bike only in the middle of the city.

The next fairly widespread species is the mountain one. From the name it becomes clear to what terrain this bicycle is intended. This kind of excellent copes with the hills, mountain trails and simply with areas with difficult traffic. They are very functional: a wide range of speeds, an excellent protector, powerful wheels that perfectly handle any loads. In some models there is a back suspension. The hybrid of such bicycles can also be considered: they include some of the characteristics of road bikes. Hybrid have a slightly larger diameter of the wheels, and otherwise the same as the mountain. Chassis bikes are ideal for the city. Very fast high-speed, thanks to the narrow wheels.

Another type of tourist bike. They are designed for long trips. Thanks to a robust design capable of maintaining a large load, the general characteristics are most similar to highway.

Of course, there is an even deeper classification of two-wheeled vehicles: most of these characteristics are related to the presence of brakes, the number of shock absorbers, speeds, fork rigidity, frame construction, etc., etc. These characteristics, to a greater extent, can be attributed to professional spoiling bicycles.

Individual parameters

Before you buy a bicycle, carefully study your personal parameters and choose the vehicle that will be most comfortable for driving. So, the first parameter, on which it is worth paying attention - is a summer-dress. Rostovka is the size of the frame, which is chosen according to your growth. With an increase of 155 cm - it is recommended to choose a 14-inch frame; up to 165 cm - 16 dm; from 165 cm to 185 cm. it is possible to choose an 18-inch or 20-inch frame. For those who are not deprived of growth (190 cm) there are 24 drams.

Concerning the steering and steering, there are such recommendations regarding the choice: the steering wheel is selected depending on the length of the hands. And the saddle has a direct relation to a comfortable ride. Pay attention to the landing, this factor will immediately determine how long and comfortable for yourself you can spend time on the bike.

The construction of the frame plays an important role in the purchase of two-wheeled vehicles. To date, there are both standard and advanced frames. This applies to both male and female models. Most frames for girls are constructed from the latest materials (carbon fiber, carbon - to reduce the overall weight of the bicycle), and also taking into account the whole physiological characteristics of the female body.

It is worth taking a very important fact: landing on most mountain bikes is of a sports nature, it is characterized by a slope of the body forward. If you prefer a more familiar position, choose comfortable bicycles. For such a two-wheeled transport is characterized by a high steering wheel, a wide saddle and, of course, a larger overall weight.


Now we will not talk about different kinds of ornaments and ribbons, we will talk about the necessary and very interesting adaptations for your two-wheeled friend. First of all, it is worth buying a few very useful and functional things: a pod bag, front and rear lights that will not only help you at night, but will also give to know about yourself on the road or track. Flashlights and reflectors are very necessary from the point of view of safety. There will be no longer a purchase of a flask holder (if it is not provided in the standard set of a bicycle). Necessary are also bogsmen - who are able to protect you from pollution. Popular are the purchase of such adaptations as: flasks, cables with a lock, compact pumps, functional shoes, speedometers and even special bike computers.

Bicycle tours: where and how

If you prefer an active holiday in nature, rich bike trips outside the city, you need not only comfortable conditions, but also good shock absorbers (you should agree, it is not always pleasant to feel every hummock on yourself). They are able to protect you from all kinds of shaking and bumps. The saddle should be soft and wide at the same time. For walks on uneven terrain, you do not need a large range of speeds, so here you can get by the standard set that is in any mountain bike. The wheels must necessarily have a well-defined tread pattern, pay attention to the reliability of the frame.

Always the same is cross-country driving. It is characterized by a bike trip of cross-country terrain: it can be natural walks, fitness, tourism and even the race. Bicycles for this type of ride are considered universal models and are often used in everyday life.

If the measured ride is not for you and you want more adrenaline - welcome to the world of sports. This is a real extreme and dynamic! If you are familiar with bicycle first year - this is what you need. Rigid fork, sport landing, a wide range of speeds and, of course, excellent shock absorbers. All this set is able to provide you with unforgettable trips on any terrain.