Diet minus 60: recipes for delicious dishes for the system

The main aspects of the diet minus 60. How to eat properly following a diet?
The "Minus 60" system assumes, first of all, the right attitude to lose weight. And, you do not need to lose weight for someone or something, but for yourself. When you manage to love yourself for who you are, and stick to the basic rules, then you can lose weight. What is the basis of this diet?

The fact is that it involves changing the diet not for a certain amount of time, but for life. Harmful products you should replace useful. And one more important rule says that before noon you can afford everything you want. And in the afternoon, restrictions begin.

The "Minus 60" system and its basic rules:

Diet "Minus 60" recipes:

Salad with meat and cabbage.

Of salads, the most delicious and popular is a salad with breast and cabbage. To prepare it you will need:

The cooking process does not take much time. So, the chicken breast should be boiled until ready and cut the meat with straw. Cut cabbage, and cut it with straws too. Mix the meat and cabbage well and season with soy sauce. Salt and add the vinegar. The dish is ready!

Okroshka with yogurt

From soups the most popular and tasty dish is considered to be okroshka with yogurt. So, for its preparation, you will need the following products:

Preparation: cut cucumbers and peppers into strips, and radish - with half rings, mix the greens and pour everything with kefir. However, some people add vegetables to taste. Pork and citrus sauce.

It would seem that you can not eat lean pork, but the author recommends eating pork, but before noon. For the preparation of pork you will need the following products:

Preparation: add zest to meat, salt well and pepper. Put the contents in a deep frying pan. There also pour broth, wine and sauce. Stew for an hour. For a few minutes before the preparation add cloves and anise. Serve on the table, cut the meat into slices and decorate with greens.

As you can see, the "Minus 60" system assumes to eat almost everything, but in certain quantities and at a certain time. And this is important for the well-being of the body. Enjoy your weight loss!