The most effective unloading days

Do you dream of getting rid of extra pounds, but lacking willpower? Start with the fasting days. Choose a recipe and hudey with pleasure - the most effective unloading days will help you!

Designate for "unloading" a specific day of the week, turning it into a tradition. So it is psychologically easier to refuse a day from the usual dishes. The principle of the diet is simple: reducing the energy weight of food from 2000-3000 kcal to 900-1000 kcal, you force the body to include a reserve mechanism, that is, it begins to fill the missing energy at the expense of accumulated in the body fat for the most effective unloading days. In this case, you do not do any harm to the body, since the nutritional restrictions are short-lived.

On a fasting day, take care of some favorite or simply pleasant business. For example, go to a beauty salon, walk with a girlfriend around the city or after work go to the pool. It will distract from thoughts about food and create a sense of celebration.

Celery and ginger

Celery root soup and ginger tea are the perfect combination for those who need to lose weight.

Useful and effective substances in the composition of celery are perfectly balanced and easy to digest, so it has a strong cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the body.

Prepared from the root of ginger tea additionally "spurs" the metabolism. This is due to the essential oil contained in ginger.

Ginger tea: put a thinly sliced ​​slice (3-4 cm) of ginger root in a thermos (1 l), pour boiling water and drink throughout the day.

Soup with the root of celery for the most effective fasting days:

300 g carrots cut, fill with steep boiling water and put on fire. 200 g of celery root cut into strips and passer in vegetable oil (preferably olive). When the carrots are cooked, add the prepared celery, boil for another minute.

Finish the soup with herbs.

1. "Fit" will suit those who want to lose weight, but have not yet picked up the right program for themselves or in principle against a dramatic change in nutrition. Caloric content of each day is usually from 900-1200 kcal. 2. "Hungry" consist of a single product, for example kefir, watermelon, apples ... Because the calorie content of such days does not exceed 900 calories, you can sit on such a diet only once a week or the day after the holidays.

Usually, those who want to lose weight effectively, are advised to give up potatoes. Meanwhile, 100 g of vegetable contains only 90 kcal, as in yoghurt. In addition, under the thin skin of a young potato contains up to 80% of all useful substances - vitamins and minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium). Excellent effective addition to the potato unloading day will be mineral water without gas.

Boiled potatoes:

500 g of young potatoes thoroughly wash with a brush and dip into boiling salted water. Finished potatoes laid out in a bowl, sprinkle with vegetable oil (preferably grape seed oil) and sprinkle with greens (dill).

Do you like avocados? Not in vain. It is rich in potassium, vitamins B2 and E. In addition, thanks to the large amount of easily digestible fats, the avocado allows you not to experience hunger for a long time after eating and during the most effective unloading days. That is why this oily fruit is recommended to include in unloading diets.

We propose to combine effective dishes from avocado with orange juice. Vitamin C, contained in citrus, speeds up the metabolism and "melts" excess fat.

Salad from avocado and arugula: peel the avocado (remove the bone), cut in half, pour lemon juice, put in a blender together with 150 g of arugula. All the whip. Then the resulting mashed potatoes to put in a salad bowl, pepper, decorate with greens. Separately serve carrots and greens.

By the way

Where is less cholesterol?

Those who consider butter to be the main supplier of cholesterol to the body are mistaken. In butter it is not so much - from 0,15% to 0,3%. In some types of cheese, the cholesterol content reaches 1.7%, and in cooked sausage - up to 6%. Eating about 20 g of butter a day, you get only 9% of the permissible dose of cholesterol.

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