Free relations in a pair

In our modern community, it can be clearly stated that the standard model of family relations has come to an end, the creativity and individuality of behavior, which is absolutely not hidden from the society, comes to the fore. So what is a free relationship in a pair - what is this love or pure water self-deception?

In fact, a joint life does not rest on only one love, these relations are more like modern designs in several floors, in which one floor is kept at the expense of another. This design resembles a complex system, rather than a gift of fate. Even the most romantic natures have to reckon with such unromantic matters as financial stability, the division of power in the family. The rule becomes what was formerly an exception.

Free relations in a pair is one of the models of a joint way of life, in which the free behavior of two or one ally is implied. There are two types of free relations - these are mutual free views and the desire for freedom of one of the partners. Quite often this pattern of behavior is held by men.

Women, more like to have a standard family, children, a faithful husband, that is, a classic model of family relationships. In this model, the need for a strong shoulder has been increased, they need understanding that in difficult times they will come to the rescue. It is for people of this worldview that the idea of ​​free relations is not very attractive. They believe that a free relationship is an escape from responsibility and not a detachment from love. Much more for them, family warmth, a feeling of security and confidence in the future matters. In this case, a woman who wants to "re-educate" such a person, to be honest, it is unlikely.

Another option, a person used to rely only on himself, for him all people are interchangeable, he highly appreciate the opportunity to rebuild his life in minutes. This is the supporters of free relations. These are people who, by virtue of their special natural constitution, can not do without one partner and it does not matter whether it's a man or a woman. A constant demand for novelty, adventurism, adrenaline rush in their blood. This is a genetic predisposition to polygamy, they do not struggle with this, and therefore do not condemn. For such people, love is a spiritual bond (as they call it) and fleeting partners are just the satisfaction of the instinct. In a free relationship, jealousy and a sense of ownership are concepts that eat each other.

Freedom in relations - as an applicable model for family relations, to solve each individually. If you are plunged, but to break yourself, rebuild your views and break your psyche is not worth it, nothing good is closer to one of the elements in it and it does not come out of it.

Indeed, in our time, every second person has a fear of serious relationships. After all, not everyone wants to understand that relations are a kind of commitment and a certain responsibility for the readiness to make compromises and a special ability not to notice each other's shortcomings. If something does not work out in life, women are accustomed to blaming men for this, and men believe that the problem of everyday troubles is always in women. Of course, there are, both are right. But often enough to feel ourselves happiest our own fears and complexes interfere.

After all, creative relations are built only on trust, sincerity and openness. To voice and listen to the problem means to take the first steps towards solving it, so it is very important to talk with each other, not to sit and guess what is on his mind.