How correctly to talk with a guy (arguments and discussions)?

Often women complain that they do not understand each other with men. In fact, this often happens, because many ladies simply do not know how to express their thoughts correctly and not only listen, but also hear what the young man is talking about.

Do not interrupt me, do not interrupt

If you are talking to a man, learn how to disrupt it. Remember that a dispute or discussion can only benefit if the two sides were able to say everything. Therefore, if you with a young man started talking about something that worries you, do not disregard it in every two phrases and do not comment. Often, women understand men inappropriately, just because they do not listen. Hearing the first part of the phrase, which they do not like, girls start shouting and sucking, not wanting to listen to anything anymore. Although in fact, then it should be followed by what explained the former young man and forced to change his anger at mercy. Therefore, if you want your conversations with a guy to lead to a positive result, be uncomfortable with the politicians in the pre-election debate. Remember that your task is to listen to the arguments of the person, and not do everything to discuss it and do not give your opinion.

Do not untangle

Another mistake women make in talking with men is the twisting of facts. He tells her that she did not understand him, but the woman is already shouting: "Oh, so good, it's only you're good." The guy says that the new hair is very eyidet, and she already decides that the old was terrible. This list can be continued indefinitely. Therefore, if you want your discussions to be irrelevant to mutual accusations and hysterics, try not to look for a double meaning in the words of the community and not add anything from yourself. Men, if they are going to a direct conversation, they say everything as they think. If he said that you do not understand him, it means only that you do not understand him. He does not consider you to be good, but himself good. He talks about the fact. Men always use the facts, women start to think up a bunch of different metaphors and hyperbole, try to cover everything. Of course, women often want to make themselves a victim in the eyes of a rude and ignorant peasant who offends her. That's just such behavior comes to the fact that a man begins to consider his lady damsel as a hysterical person and does not talk to her at all once, so that only she does not take it all wrong.

Do not label

Women would need to understand that men do not understand hints, especially during a discussion or a discussion. The guys have another psychology. If they want to solve the problem, then they talk specifically about it, but do not think how to hint that a person could guess. Therefore, if you want to achieve some result from the guy, speak clearly and clearly. You have to tell him what exactly you do not like and suggest solutions. If you start hinting, and then you also make hysterics because he does not understand your hints, then the guy will only once again make sure that Swami is not better off talk about serious issues, since this leads only to the aggravation of relations. Of course, many girls say that such behavior kills romance. But the romance is different. And believe me, the guy will be much easier to arrange what you want, if he will know exactly about your desires and preferences. But when a man starts to guess and guess, he often just "pokes his finger in the sky," aware of what he is doing.

Drown the thought of the tree

Every conversation women like to transform into a wholeoman. They come from afar, decorate the story with a bunch of details, often a departure of the topic. For a man, this is incomprehensible and unacceptable. If you talk to him in this style, then he will just completely get confused or even stop listening to you. If you are talking about a problem, then you should start the conversation with this problem, and not with how you went home from your brother, suddenly remembered a friend Anya, her boyfriend Seryozha, her cat Tashi, her grandmothers suddenly realized that your relationship is similar to the relationship of the heroes of the series, which you watched at the age of fourteen, and some of the moments they are wrong. Your guy does not need to know why you decided this, who you remembered and where you came from. He is interested in a specific problem. Men say in fact, that's why he tries to find facts in the grandmother's cat Tase, he does not find it, and when you get to the main thing, and it happens in about fifteen, the guy does not even understand what exactly is going on. You just need to describe the situation, and as accurately as possible, shorter and laconic. If you draw an analogy, then you need to communicate with men with theses, and not read out the whole thesis work.


Remember that if you decide to seriously talk with a guy about anything, if a dispute or discussion arose between you, you should never start shouting or crying hysterically. Even if you are hurt, you should try to hold back tears. And, by the way, a few lonely tears that roll down your cheek can be a good reason for a man to think over your words. But loud shouts, accusations and hysterical attacks will only convince him that you are a hysterical person, who creates problems in an equal place. Therefore, in order not to happen, always talk calmly and clearly, you do not need to go over to the person. You have to bring your idea to the man, and not to allow him to agree with the help of shouts and hysterics. After all, if he does, it does not mean that the guy understands you. So always try to be calm and a little cold. Believe me, when men try to solve with women some questions, they are very lacking just such behavior.

It is worth noting that such rules of communication with the representatives of the stronger sex are applicable not only to the boys and husbands, but also to the brothers, friends and other men who play an important role in your life. Remember that male logic and male perception differ from ozhenskogo, so if you want to get a positive result, you need to communicate so that for the guy it was understandable and logical.