How to do a therapeutic foot and leg massage: technique, video

The healing effect of foot and foot massage on the human body
Foot and foot massage has unique healing abilities due to the applied technology of affecting important nerve endings located on the feet of a person. When rubbing the feet directly, blood circulation improves, for women, the probability of varicose veins is minimized. After the course, usually consisting of 7-8 sessions, the general health improves, there is a pleasant lightness and warmth in the legs.

Treatment points on the foot of a person

Points for massage on the feet are dozens. This is the most saturated in terms of nerve endings on our body, so when massaging it is very important to contact specialists who correctly calculate the strength and location of exposure. The photo below shows the main treatment points of the foot, which should be taken into consideration when performing the procedure.

When exposed to certain areas of the foot, internal processes in the body improve, spasmodic phenomena in the organs and muscles are eliminated.

Description of the technique of foot and foot massage

The procedure for performing foot and leg massage is divided into two stages. The first is short, preparatory, the second is the execution of the procedure itself.


The technique of massage consists in alternating various methods: grinding, vibration, stroking, patting, kneading. The beginning of the session is easy: the doctor rubs his feet and feet, paying special attention to the heels, ankles and calves, as well as the area of ​​the knee joints. After this, various circular, horizontal and vertical movements, performed with the help of fingers and palms, begin.

The feet are massaged by gentle pressing on the individual points with the thumb of the hand, rubbing the palm and fist (screwing).

Massage for the feet and the area from the hip joint to the heels are an excellent choice, both for relaxation, and for the prevention and treatment of certain ailments, ranging from varicose veins to depressions, nervous system disorders. This kind of impact on the body is suitable not only for young people, but also for elderly people, as well as for children aged 12 and over.