How to determine the sexual activity of a partner in his manner to eat?

Psychologists all over the world argue that a man's sexual activity is easily determined by his taste and eating habits. Thus, having arranged a small experiment - after observing the lover and figuring out how and what he eats, you can learn a lot of interesting things about his sexual habits and fantasies. For example, if among other dishes your partner prefers fried potatoes with a fat chop - you can forget about creativity in bed. Outside the "regular program", he is unlikely to agree to go out, although the lover may be quite good at the same time. If a man is a gourmet, then in an intimate relationship he will also show himself appropriately, because getting pleasure for him is above all! Before such a partner, you can open all the cards without a shade of embarrassment, voicing even the boldest sexual fantasies, it's simply not possible to shock him.

Mr. Fastfood
If a man is already far beyond thirty, and his food consists mainly of hamburgers and pizza, then we can safely say that in sex his fantasies are definitely limited. According to sexologists, such men, as a rule, are very mediocre lovers. By the way about food, many sexologists are just as sure that representatives of the stronger middle-class sex get pleasure from sex much more than the "dystrophics" who constantly control their emotions, limiting themselves in eating.

A true aesthetic
The hero-lover can be a man who absorbs food slowly, thoroughly chewing each piece. During the meal, he simply enjoys the taste of food, relishes, and therefore does not disappoint in bed: a long foreplay, endless caresses and a measured leisurely and long enough sex - that's what you should expect from such a superman. A man who, at the beginning of a meal, first sniffs food or gently tastes it, will be very cautious when choosing a chosen one, but in bed he will prove himself in all its glory and definitely will give her pleasure.

The man "Glutton"
This type of man is distinguished by his unbridled, even uncontrollable appetite. They eat very quickly, not having time to properly chew food, and weave one dish after another, and mixed and all in a row: salads, sandwiches, soups and pastries, drink it all with juice and seize with a meat side dish. With such a boyfriend you will not really relax: sex with him will be boring, very short and fast, without affection and tenderness, according to the principle: "I did business - walk boldly." In addition, usually after the pleasure of such men very quickly fall asleep, without even having taken an interest in the status of the partner. And here's the question: Is it worth linking yourself to sex with a man who, besides eating, does not notice anything in the neighborhood? After all, the maximum that you are threatened by is daily duty near the cooker, without a share of pleasure and sexual gratitude.

Deciding that this is your man, do not rush to bed with him in bed: from an unsuitable fan it is easier to get rid without sex-contact. It is better to go to the nearest cafe or restaurant, where, looking at his manner of absorbing food, you can learn his sexual manners much better. But remember that the gastronomic preferences and habits of men can vary depending on the situation and circumstances. So if this is your first date, and your gentleman is clearly nervous, know that he can do something wrong. Do not judge him strictly, maybe not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance. Spend the second, third test-date and only then draw conclusions.