How to find the right friend

How many friends do you have? But not such friends that appear if you click the "Add to friends" button, but real friends, to which you can and with a suitcase, with a pie, with joy and with grief. Most people have at least one close person, because there are not many friends. But when this close person acquires a family, he gives his friendly fortresses, and then you think, who would replace my friend? As a child, it was quite easy to approach a pretty girl and offer friendship. How to find a true friend, we learn from this article.

Psychologists define friendship as a kind of intimacy between people. Friendship arises from a voluntary choice, because there is no "unrequited friendship". At the beginning, the best friend for the baby is the mother. Then the child communicates with other people. Approximately in five years there is a need for a close friend. At the age of 14, my friend and I talked for days so that our parents did not overhear, the boys came up with female pseudonyms. Youthful partnership is a form of psychotherapy, it finds confirmation that someone shares your hopes, fears, doubts.

Psychologists say that friends and in old age will be important for us, when all the career peaks are submitted, children will grow up. Women's friendship will remain until the end, if it deserves, then it will develop.

Youthful friendship.
Student and school friendship retains a special status for many years. In our society it is considered, if you do not have close people in spirit in your youth, then you missed your chance. It is a great success if friendship with school friends has been preserved with time. But if the ways are divorced, it does not mean that you do not need to look for new friends. Over the years, you change, your environment changes.

The attitude of an adult person to friendship.
The adult person treats human relations more carefully, and enter consciously in friendly relations. You should not confirm your own importance, you know what you can love for. Adult friendship is a relationship of mutual support. Here a certain share of criticism is necessary and permissible. And to see yourself from the side of a mature man is ready from his girlfriend to hear some not very pleasant things. People over the years become more picky and indulgent. Now we understand what we can give back and receive from communication. Sometimes the rapprochement of adults can take years. It may happen that people who do not like each other can become friends, and it's very simple, at last, these two people saw each other.

How to find a friend.
A friend is someone who is always there. A neighbor on a hotel room on a business trip, a housemate, is a prerequisite for the establishment of friendly relations. The reason for acquaintance may be neighbors. You should try to be friends with those people who are next to you, even if they do not understand what a cappuccino differs from ristretto, and even if they do not watch your favorite TV series. We must treat friendship as a process, and not as a fact. To share new impressions, to be somewhere together. Patience, time, common ground is a recipe for true friendship.

A person who has friends, he is much more stable than a closed and lonely. The experience of some events is not so painful among close and understanding people. And it does not matter whether it's personal, financial difficulties or illness.

Friendship is necessary for man .
It's easier and easier to live in the world if you have several friends who will open doors to you at any time, wherever and whatever happens, take care of you. Friendship is very useful for health. Those who have friends, they live longer, recover more quickly from injuries, from colds. Close relationships make the human body stronger in the fight against tuberculosis or cancer. Female friendship is called "undervalued relationships", and we are more talented friends than men. Therefore widowers live less than women who have lost their husbands, are subject to various diseases. And not because they do not know how to cook well, they are less friendly.

In conclusion, you can tell how to find a true friend. Follow these tips and recommendations and you will be able to find the right friend.