How to keep a man-Gemini

If your chosen by the horoscope Gemini, then you should remember that with him will never be bored. First of all, this man is unpredictable, he is distinguished by a dual bright nature. On the one hand, it is very interesting, but all the time to live next to a person-holiday is quite difficult. Predicting his behavior is very difficult. With him you need to constantly play, so as not to seem boring to him. Such men are able to genuinely love and be gentle. To be convinced of this, it is necessary to learn to accept all its essence. If you even for a second began to doubt that he is faithful to you, immediately it is necessary to make every effort and use all female charm in order to keep him near him. Learning to live with Gemini is not so difficult. It is necessary only to take an active part in his game. Let him have the main role, but you do not forget about your moves. This man can be slightly manipulated, but only so that he does not guess anything.

Characteristics of the Gemini Men
The character of the Gemini male is variable and unpredictable. A natural condition for him is movement, new ideas, unattainable goals, changing opinions. You need to predict these changes, be ready for them, so as not to bore your partner.

Games of love-dislike are also inherent in this sign. If you notice that today he looked at a sweet girl and somewhat cooled toward you, then do not be nervous and saw him for it. In a few hours you will receive from him a compliment and praise for what he previously considered a disadvantage.

Excessive sociability of Gemini men can at first shock and make people puzzled. But do not be angry with him. Such a man can simply enjoy a company of girls, without implying any romance or intimacy.

Priorities for this sign
In the relationship of the male Gemini, trust is placed first among the partners, so you can not humiliate him with your jealousy or suspicions of treason. It is talking about this and will provoke him to part with you.

Greater lover of freedom in everything than Gemini can not be found. He wants to be independent in every way. Control on the part of the chosen one, he will regard as a personal insult and will not be able to reconcile with him. Even the quite common question of when he will be at home can drive him crazy and provoke conflict.

In the head of this person is always a huge number of ideas and all sorts of activities. He is in constant creative search, so do not even ask him questions about what he does at the time. It is not necessary to demand from him the completion of any ideas and their implementation, because the main thing for them is the process itself, not the result.

How to charm a Gemini man?
In order for your man to be with you interesting, you need to take care that you become for him an interesting conversationalist. After all, intelligence for him is of great importance. If to him for a second it seems that you are not sufficiently informed on this or that question, then he will forever change his attitude. Therefore, it is worth remembering that conversations on intellectual topics, discussions, various disputes are something that is of great importance for Gemini.

To the Gemini man stay with you, you need to exert maximum effort. All its shortcomings can be accepted in the event that you really love it. In addition, he is a worthy candidate as husband and father. He has high moral principles. In addition, he rarely has financial problems. Its presence alongside will provide a sense of security and reliability. Therefore, to achieve it must be very clever, so that he does not even notice your actions.