How to keep youth after 30: follow 5 simple rules!

Start the morning with a light massage. After brushing your teeth, gently massage your lips with a brush. Having moistened the face with a towel, perform a small toning massage: walk on cheekbones, chin, forehead and cheeks with neat slapping movements, then apply cream. Such a massage will improve the blood flow and elasticity of the skin, relieve the peeling, eliminate the dull tone.

Eat foods that are high in easily digestible protein, vitamins A and C - these substances help the skin stay young, slow down wilting processes, smooth out its tone and relief. Add seasonal autumn vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage and bell peppers to meat of a bird, nuts, fish, citrus.

Use natural sauces and marinades. The best components for dressing salad or meat are vegetable oils, spices, herbs, wine vinegar and neutral dairy products (brynza, yoghurt, buttermilk). If you can not do without mayonnaise, cook it yourself and use it moderately.

Sleep properly. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time - so you can quickly adapt to the regime. Night rest is necessary: ​​during sleep, the body activates the immune and metabolic functions, restores the activity of the nervous and digestive systems, and starts the processes of cellular regeneration. Observance of the order based on biorhythms, will provide you with a healthy and radiant appearance.

Arrange short breaks throughout the day. Especially if you are a workaholic and have a low-activity lifestyle. A small workout every hour near the workplace, a walking walk at the end of the working for, half an hour of relaxation with a respiratory system after the evening tea - and your figure will become noticeably slimmer and slimmer.