How to manipulate a man: 7 golden rules

The word "manipulation" in most people causes unpleasant associations. In the head, other words are immediately drawn: "deceive," "impose," "force against the will." However, harmonious relations are impossible without manipulation, and if it happens masterfully, with delicate words and actions, then this is called a subtle psychological approach. Women are the great experts of manipulation. Nature has endowed us with a special ability to balance on the verge of manipulation and wisdom. And although the art of manipulating men is a gift, they need to learn to know consciously.

The art of female manipulation

If a real woman has the ability to manipulate, there will not be a woman left. And the men will be upset first. They are ready and happy to be deceived, if it amuses their self-esteem, and they feel themselves to be winning. To achieve such skill is possible through practice and experience. Competent impact on the mind of a man will get what he wants, not through pressure and demands, but through his sincere desire to commit an act of his own free will. Talent manipulated girls demonstrate from the first years of life. Already at a tender age, they clearly understand how their coquettish smiles, prikorashivanie or new dresses act on those around them. Yes, a demonstration of femininity, tempting clothing, gait - this is the simplest form of female manipulation, the basics of which girls learn in early childhood.

With age, the methods of manipulation are complicated and brought to perfection, or are not brought, and then inept attempts to control a man look ridiculous and even pitiful. And the reaction of men is exactly the opposite. To be among the women who are able to deftly manage the army of men only in time and place with an elevated eyebrow, one must understand the subtleties of male psychology and learn how to influence their decision so that it does not even occur to them that it was a choice without choice. Wise female manipulation differs from "brainwashing" in that a man remains fully confident that he makes all the decisions, and only he! And he does not necessarily need to know that he is doing his actions on a plan clearly outlined by the woman.

"Golden" ways of manipulating a man

Talented manipulation of a man is a whole science with its own laws and rules. And this system of knowledge needs to be understood not only by the mind, but also by the soul, since it is not just a logical miscalculation here that is important, but intuition as well. To study the theory should start from a set of basic methods of manipulation, and then there will appear their own methods, adjusted by persistent practice. It is practice that can lead a woman to the level of a master. And yet, the first and main rule of any manipulation of a man is respect. If you want goodwill from a man, be careful that your manipulation does not humiliate him. Dishonest, "dirty" manipulations, perhaps, produce a momentary effect, but they will later have to be paid too dearly for them.

Method number 1. Praise. Praise your man! Anytime and anywhere! In this case, it is better to praise than to praise. But there is one obligatory condition: never crush the soul! The compliment and the statement of its merits should be sincere. Look attentive and start praising it for what used to be something you took for granted. If you find in it and praise those qualities with which it is proud, it will turn for you any mountains. Method number 2. The need. Need a man's help, but not with resentment at his indifference to your requests, but with cunning and intelligence. Do not say: "How many times do you ask me to download an application to my phone?" Go to the problem from the other side: "Show me how to install the application on the phone. I can not understand without you. " Let the man help you even where you do not need to, and he will start to do things.

Method number 3. Beauty. It is, indeed, a terrible force and one of the most powerful weapons in man's manipulation. Hair, lush forms, perfumes, cosmetics, seductive clothes, grooming and everything that falls under the notion of your man's feminine beauty are win-win instruments of manipulation. Use them sparingly. Nature has made sure that men in front of beauty become trouble-free. Method number 4. Tenderness. Manipulate with tenderness. Men like cats, even the most brutal ones, lose their vigilance when a gentle, affectionate kitty is near. Before asking the man to satisfy his desires, touch him with a look, a kiss or hands. And in conversation, use the device "psychological stroking": before you voice a request, praise him or tell me a relevant compliment.

Method number 5. Sex. The most ancient, but the most effective manipulation remains sexual manipulation. "Basic instinct" can and should be used to control a man. Geishas, ​​courtesans and even ordinary "night butterflies" with the help of sex have always been able to manipulate influential men, and through them and their dependence on skillful caresses, ruled entire nations. Learn this truly golden technique can be at special workshops that are organized for women who want to understand the secrets of manipulating men through sex. Method number 6. Tears. Not the most pleasant, but often very effective way to manipulate the male mind. Men are afraid of women's tears. With this "wet business" you can feel them, evoke compassion and desire to help. Indifferent tears of a man just will not be left. The main thing is not to bend the stick so that the crying does not turn into hysterics. And do not use this "forbidden method" too often, a man will easily grasp your manipulation and stop reacting to tears properly.

Method number 7. Food. A hungry man is an evil man. Never try to manipulate a hungry man, especially if your request is not in his interest. Feed a man delicious and satisfying, as he likes, and only then offer to sacrifice his favorite hockey for your concert. Of course, this one method may not be enough to inculcate a man with love for cultural events, but you have a whole arsenal of other arguments-methods, a skillful combination of which will force a man to persuade you to take him with him to the concert.