How to strengthen the main women's feng shui sector?

In the East, women who bring good luck are called mabruks. Each of us can become a mabruk for close people. To do this, it is necessary to comprehend several rules of the Mabruk female name, in Arabic it means "blessed, prosperous." However, this proper name has long been used as a common name. Mabruk is akin to the profession.

The presence of such a woman nearby is a great success. It is believed that even the hair from the head of the mabruki can already help in solving some issues. Nuauzh live next to her - the privilege of a few men, it's worth a lot. Not many women are worthy of being called mabrukas. How can we recognize it among us? It's not necessarily a long-legged beauty. Mabruk - this is an ordinary woman, after talking with whom you are getting better, people are drawn to her, she shines with light and kindness. Next to her you feel more confident. How to become a mabruk for your loved ones? Feng Shui can come to the rescue. The technique of feng shui allows you to influence all aspects of a person's life. And the mabruk must be able to use this to give good advice. Chinese sages reduced the whole variety of human thoughts and aspirations to the satisfaction of eight desires that cover all spheres of life. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, eight streams of qi generate eight basic manifestations of life, which are called Baruas. Knowing where each of the eight sectors is in your home, you can influence the events taking place in the house and change them for the better. How to strengthen the main female sector feng shui - we tell in the article.

Singing about love

Southwest - Sector of love. Number 2. Any pair items can be talismans of the south-west. Hearts, mandarin ducks, a pair of swans will help you to find love and happiness. The sign of double luck in China is considered a universal symbol of conjugal happiness. He can also help a childless couple conceive a child. It is undesirable to have metal objects in the southwest. If there is a bride in the house, hang a picture of pions. And be sure to hang wind music from 6 metal hollow tubes. By February 4, 2011, it will need to be removed. In this sector yellow is appropriate. It symbolizes abundance and health. In addition, its shades create a feeling of coziness and tranquility.

Cultivate talents

West-Children and Creativity. Number 7. The constellation of the Western sector-Metal. Wind music from the seven tubes is a very strong talisman of this sector. The image of elephants, the fruits of pomegranate in this sector contribute to the conception of children. White color. This is the color of the absolute, the highest manifestation of this or that quality. It symbolizes purity, sincerity, clarity and irreproachability.

We are looking for patrons

Northwest - Assistants and travel. Number 6. The element is metal. Metal bells activate the north-western sector and attract strong backers. Call these bells more often, and the helpers will not keep you waiting. It is undesirable to locate a water body in the northwest, as the water depletes the qi of this sector. In the west and north-west there should not be a kitchen. The white color used in this sector imposes a certain responsibility.

We go to increase

North - Career. Number 1. This is the element of Water, and metal helps it. Therefore it is good to have in the north an aquarium with gold fish: eight light and one black. But not in the bedroom. Any electronic equipment will be suitable in the northern zone. The water turtle is the most successful symbol for this sector. Even a toy turtle, planted in a container with water, can promote career growth. It is not advisable to place plants here. The blue color gives solemnity, creates a sense of purity.

Learning wisdom

Northeast - Wisdom and knowledge. Number 8. Eight crystals are good in the northeast. A crystal ball or pyramid, images of a snake, an owl, a globe - all these are talismans of the north-eastern sector. It is not desirable to have a lot of metal here. This zone is protected by the elements of the Earth, therefore, all shades of brown, brick and terracotta are welcome.

We increase prosperity

Southeast - Sector of wealth. Number 4. You can put four indoor plants. It is good to use various Chinese talismans to activate the wealth sector. Hottey - one of the most popular gods of happiness and prosperity. A three-legged toad with a coin in the mouth is the most effective talisman of the Wealth Zone. A small fountain in the southeast will help increase income. For interior decoration of the premises it is desirable to use all shades of green. He is a symbol of life and rebirth.

Save the family

East - Family sector. Number 3. Three houseplants, family photos are good in this sector. The East is the home of the Heavenly Dragon, activate this sector with its image. All the shades of green in this zone will bring peace to the relationship.

We care about health

Center - Health. This is the heart of your home. There should not be a toilet, kitchen, stairs. It is best to place the center of the dining room or living room. Hang a picture with a picture of peaches - a classic symbol of health. Yellow and soft earth shades are appropriate here.