How to talk on the phone with a man?

In the modern world, telephone conversations are, perhaps, the first among all possible ways of human communication - whether we like it or not. But the trouble is: women just want, then men are not very happy with this circumstance. Because, according to psychologists, the representatives of the stronger sex, it turns out, do not really like such a convenient means of communication. And if they continue to use it, then only for one reason: where to go? ..

Beautiful ladies must take this feature into account before talking on the phone with a man to prevent various misunderstandings. Most of us can spend hours chatting with friends on the phone, getting from this an incomparable pleasure. And have you met many men who are able to selflessly groan and snort in the tube throughout the evening? Even if to you such also came across, associates for certain concerned them with a slight tinge of contempt: they say, because these are female weaknesses. And they were right. Psychologists have long been convinced that long phone calls allegedly "about nothing" - a favorite occupation of the fair sex, and for normal men this style of communication is fundamentally alien. Worse, among them there are a lot of those who, at the very thought of having to answer a call or make a call themselves, begin to sweat, turn pale and tremble. They will rather agree to spend the evening alone with their mother-in-law, but they will not pick up the phone at home. But after all, sometimes we simply do not have another opportunity to communicate with a loved one! What to do now? Yes, nothing special, you just need to take into account the specifics of male psychology - that's all.

Night predators

How partners behave in bed, they also have relationships on the phone. Ladies, as a rule, want bright expressions of tenderness, so that they last longer. And the gentlemen strive to complete everything quickly, so that they can return to their serious, truly masculine affairs as soon as possible. Therefore, if you have decided to talk with your lover about this and want to be heard at the same time, try to call him at night. The fact is that the representatives of the stronger sex by nature have one feature: at night they are less distrustful, more sincere and willing to go to contact.


For many men it is peculiar to cut short the conversation, and they absolutely do not think it is reprehensible from the point of view of politeness. They just decide that you have already told them all the information they need from their point of view, and therefore they put a pipe with a clear conscience. Men and the head does not come to say meaningless phrases at the end of the conversation solely for its smooth end. So do not be offended by your loved ones for it - they have such a style, and they themselves are unlikely to change it. It is better to arrange an agreement with your husband or friend for the future, so that he, having felt an irresistible desire to hang up, warned you a second before with a conditional phrase like: "Well, we'll discuss the rest later."


"I'll call you" - this phrase is as old as the world. How many times did women believe in such promises of gentlemen and how many times they deceived in their expectations! And all because did not know: very often this phrase is pronounced by a man instead of another. But that, another, would sound like a verdict: "It's over, I do not love you anymore". And not every member of the stronger sex will have the strength to voice it. But the non-binding promise to call allows him, firstly, not to hurt the soul of the former lover, and secondly, it is worthy to get out of the unpleasant situation, having preserved his face, so to speak. Therefore, having heard this phrase from a man, do not take it literally. Although ... hope dies last!


Another, no less burning question: is it possible to reconcile with a man on the phone, if you quarreled? Here everything depends on the specific situation. For example, you suspect that the conflict between you is just an excuse, but in fact, your relationship is at an impasse and, most likely, doomed to an inglorious end. Then it is useless to appeal to the feelings of the beloved, like the heroine of Irina Muravieva from the movie "Carnival": remember how she sang with anguish: "Call me, call !!!" Will not call. And, most likely, never. And if you want to call him, then get ready, having tuned in to talk on the phone with a man, to hear on the other end of the wire that you made a mistake number. But even if a quarrel has occurred, simply because one of you got excited, it's better not to build a relationship either by phone or face to face. Then you will have a much better chance of success. On the phone it is worth negotiating only about the place and time of peace negotiations.


It's amazing how selective the male hearing is, and you probably had to make sure of it. Your faithful perfectly distinguishes, for example, a faint crackling sparkling wiring in the next room, but does not hear the loud telephone trill over his head. You rush headlong from the kitchen to the living room to answer the call, and with surprise you notice that the husband is sitting at the apparatus at arm's length and quietly reading the newspaper. And to your indignant exclamations with the air of an innocent baby, he asks: "What, did someone call you?" The fact is, he is absolutely sure: 99 out of 100 calls you, not him. Then why pick up the phone, if you still need to transfer it to you? There is only one way to change the situation. Tell him that if you volunteer to take the trouble to wash dishes, wash, vacuum, cook, sew, knit, take out garbage, etc., you still hope so honorable duty - to approach the phone - to divide by two.


Many people know this picture too: your boss phoned you home, wanting to immediately discuss the tactics of tomorrow's talks, and you are listening attentively to his words. But suddenly you notice that on your husband's face there is an indescribable range of feelings - about the same expression he had when he was present at birth. You come into confusion, the conversation with the boss is not glued, a little more - and it's time for you to quit. And the blame for everything - the jealousy of men, inexplicable from the point of view of science, to the conversations of their girlfriends on the phone, no matter who. What to do in such cases? If possible, immediately leave the device in another room, as they say, out of sight. If you have an arriving gentleman, then at the time of his visit, turn off the phone completely - love is worth it!


Do you think if in the days of Romeo and Juliet there was a telephone, would he have an ardent young man to explain in love? Psychologists believe that it is unlikely, especially when his friends or family are nearby. He would still prefer to make his way to the balcony at midnight to talk about his feelings, without fear of other people's ears. After all, any representative of the stronger sex is so afraid that he will be accused of calf tenderness! For this reason, he will not utter coveted words even at gunpoint, if there is even the slightest suspicion that other people can overhear him. So do not take offense at your chevalier when he responds to yours: "I love you" restrained grumbles in the workplace: "I too" (this is at best!), Or even just put it on the tube. Want to hear from the man reciprocal words of love - make your confession only in person, at a meeting.

Summarizing, we want to give you one piece of advice: in order to avoid misunderstandings, communicate with your beloved man by phone as rarely as possible. If it is out of your reach, it is better to correspond with it. Everyone knows what beautiful love letters adorn the novels and novels of the world literary classics. But there is not a single telephone conversation like that ...

What does he say to you on the phone ...

1. "Sorry, someone is ringing at the door" (at home) or "Visitors came to me" (at work).

2. "How, did the answering machine not record my words, which I said when I called you in your absence?"

3. "Unfortunately, I'm very busy right now. When I'm free, I'll call you. "

4. "Hello! I do not understand what happened. Do you have more important things than I do? "

5. "Hello, is this a dry cleaning? Oh, I think I dialed your phone number by mistake! "

6. "Can I call you back a little later? Now I'm watching a football match with my favorite team. "

... and what does it mean

1. "At the moment I have a much more interesting occupation than chatting with you."

2. "Damn it, I again forgot to call you, although you asked me about it the day before!"

3. "I have no desire to talk to you-no today, not ever at all."

4. "I really miss you, and although I hate the phone, I still call to make an appointment."

5. "I'm a little shy when I call you, so I'm looking for a suitable excuse."

6. "Can I call you back a little later? Now I'm watching a football match with my favorite team "