How to talk to your boyfriend on the phone

Each of us has moments in life when we very much miss our favorite person. We constantly want to be with him, feel his support, hear his voice. But, unfortunately, not everything is so simple and our world is not at all the way we would like it to be. Therefore, it is easiest for us to hear the voice of a person, thanks to one phone call addressed to a favorite subscriber. And we immediately do not hesitate a minute, get the phone, we type the fingers of the wiped buttons and, oh, miracle, we hear it. In such moments, the distance between you seems not so significant. But then an innocent, but painfully urgent question is brewing: after all, how correctly to talk to your boyfriend on the phone?

It's not strange, but the culture of telephone communication should be present in any phone call you make. Be it a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a friend, a friend, a president (about the president, you know, there are different names in the phone book), and even your favorite guy. About the latter, if you understand and will talk. And so, you wanted to hear it, took the phone, dialed the coveted number: beeps - "hello" - "hello!". And here it is, a long-awaited conversation. Well, I do not think you should introduce yourself, I think you should not, otherwise your boyfriend will start to doubt your adequacy (I'm sure he will hear from your favorite number, from what number you would not call). By the way, if all the same does not learn and will start to guess, enumerating female names, reflect (happens everyone). But let's not talk about sad things. First of all, ask if he is busy, horror guys do not like when they are not called on time. And inappropriate time for a call can be: work, some urgent business, his presence in the men's company (rest with friends), serious conversation with someone, waiting for an important call, a long morning's sleep after yesterday and even just his bad mood. Remember this as a "women's bible" and then you will already know exactly how to properly talk with your boyfriend on the phone. Calling him, be sure to ask him about his employment right now. I took an interest and heard that I was busy, better call later, or let it do it myself. Do not force him to communicate, resting on the fact that: "I called, then you must talk to me" believe me, there will not be a talk here, give him time, let it cool down. If, of course, the guy gave a "green light" to your communication and is glad that you called, first of all, ask how he is, how he is doing, the guys are very fond of when they are taken care of and interested in their lives, because they are ready to talk about themselves for hours. By the way, try not to interrupt him, let him finish his thought to the end. Do not break with your problem ahead. You heard the voice of a loved one, and this in itself already removes all the life troubles that have happened to you at this moment.

Talking to him, do not try to communicate with a number of sitting friends at the same time, because we girls with the phone near the ear can do a hundred things, remember, the guy does not understand this. Call him - so be kind and talk only with him. Postpone all the things that distract your attention during a conversation - communicate so that if he asks you again, you can tell him the last phrase you said, five seconds ago, and not nervously keep silent. Call on the case - state everything, in fact, do not go around the bush, not a psychic call, where he knows what happened to you there. Guys very rarely understand our intricate hints, they need the essence. And yet, do not call when you're singing (guys often do not understand it), do not roll up phone hysterics, do not shout into the phone. Try to contain your negative emotions with yourself. We think with emotions, and they are the logic and rationality of the solution. Do not talk about yourself all the time, and give him the opportunity to insert your word. And yet, do not call every, so to speak, "five minutes", keep yourself in hand and away from the phone. Guys are freedom-loving people, and most of all they do not like being bored with nothing. He wants to hear - he will call, remember this and do not impose telephone communication with yourself.

Need advice to him - do not deny this pleasure, advise. Be proud of this, because he rang for advice not to his mother, but to you. You need advice, accept and thank, not depending on what kind of person he has not given you, even if this advice seems stupid to you.

As for your voice, during a telephone conversation, it should always be sweet and concise, caressing the rumor and summoning a "spring in the soul" of a loved one. As often as possible joke, especially if you hear that he has a bad mood or is just sad. Tell, for example, an anecdote or somehow interesting story that happened to you (about childhood, for example) or your loved ones. Interest him, do not be silent in vain, based on the thought that he is a guy - he should entertain. So it is, but not always it is - "clown on duty", show that you also have a good sense of humor. Discuss with him his and his interests (most importantly, not boring), recently, a read book, the last movie you watched, your trip somewhere, your studies. You can even read something fascinating to him. Or just in an ironic interpretation tell me how I spent my day and do not forget to ask him about it. In any case, do not talk to him purely on women's issues, dilute the conversation and its topics. If something interests him, he will ask you himself. By the way, women do not like women's gossip either.

You just call because you're bored, do not keep it to yourself, tell him about it. Guys are pleased when they depend on them, in the good sense of the word. In this case, do not be afraid of your emotions, show them to the full, because from them, at the moment, comes a positive, which can charge your soul mate with happiness ions for the whole day. And never forget to say three magic words: "I love you." This reminder will never become superfluous, whoever of you has not called. By the way, talking about love is the most pleasant conversation that will help both of you to open up to each other and become much closer. So do not be shy about your feelings and pleasant telephone conversations. It's not right to talk with your boyfriend on the phone - this does not mean adhering to some rules and canons. This means only that after you put the tubes, in the heart of each of you remains a piece of happiness after talking with your loved one.