It is harmful to do ultrasound in pregnancy

This mandatory study causes many mothers to worry - is it dangerous for a future baby? Let's figure it out together, see what the ultrasound is for and if it really is so necessary. To date, ultrasound (ultrasound diagnosis) - this is the only method that allows you to objectively evaluate and observe the development of the embryo from the earliest time of its development. Find out the details in the article on the topic "Is it harmful to do ultrasound in pregnancy".

Is it safe to use ultrasound?

Doctors do not give an unambiguous answer. As you know, everything is poison and everything is a medicine - it's only a dose. Many mothers tell us that after the ultrasound the baby starts to jostle, to behave more actively, as if showing discontent. At one time it was fashionable to say that ultrasound supposedly breaks the DNA and leads to changes in the formation of the fetal tissues. However, science categorically refutes this fact. At the moment, the damage to the ultrasound for the mother and fetus has not been formally proven. But the rejection of ultrasound can lead to serious consequences associated with the late detection of various pathologies of the fetus. Mom, be reasonable, if there is evidence for the research, when the obvious benefit outweighs the doubtful harm, do not be afraid. Trust the doctor, not the "horror stories" that friends tell. And although modern equipment allows the registration of cardiac embryo activity from 4 weeks from conception, and motor activity from 8 weeks, the first study is not recommended to be performed earlier than 10 weeks of pregnancy. There is a certain schedule, according to which future mothers are sent to ultrasound.

How does the ultrasound machine work? It emits sound waves of high frequency that are inaudible by the human ear (3.5-5MHz). This wave is not radioactive, it is comparable to the sound wave emitted by dolphins (it is no accident that this animal is a symbol of ultrasound in medicine). In water, ultrasonic waves help dolphins determine the size and position of the object. Also, the ultrasound signal allows physicians to estimate the size and position of the fetus. The US-wave, reflected from the tissues of the body, sends a response signal, which is transformed into an image on the monitor.

First ultrasound

10-12 weeks - determination of exact term of childbirth, assessment of how pregnancy proceeds, determination of the number of embryos and structure of placenta formation. Already, an undeveloped pregnancy, a threat of miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy and other abnormalities can be identified.

Second ultrasound, 20-24 weeks

Determination of the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid, the degree of development of the placenta, examination of the internal organs of the baby, identification of developmental defects (diagnosis of congenital malformations of the central nervous system, primarily hydrocephalus). At this time, you can determine the sex of the unborn child.

Third ultrasound, 32-34 weeks

Correspondence of the fetus size to the term of pregnancy, the position of the baby in the uterus, evaluation of the blood flow in the placenta, diagnosis of pathologies and other important features that you need to know for delivery that will begin very soon. Ultrasound examination in other terms of pregnancy, as a rule, is carried out according to the doctor's prescription (for special indications or for data clarification).

Three-dimensional ultrasound - 3D

It is sometimes called the four-dimensional ultrasound (the fourth dimension is time). The volumetric image during this research allows to better consider some structures that are difficult to access for research in a two-dimensional (normal) mode. This information is especially valuable for determining external developmental anomalies. And, of course, this research is more interesting for the parents themselves. If the usual two-dimensional ultrasound examination of the baby is quite difficult - incomprehensible points and lines do not give a complete picture. With a three-dimensional image, you can see the baby as it really is. However, it must be remembered that for such a photography the doctor strengthens the signal power, so do not abuse this procedure. Photo crumbs in the womb will be the first in his photo album. And he will send his first greetings to his parents - he will wave you with a pen. Now we know whether it is harmful to do ultrasound in pregnancy.