Men's Business Dress Code

The wardrobe of a modern man most often includes clothing in a business style. This dictates the requirements for most office workers and employees in other spheres. The male dress code is very diverse and assumes the presence not only of a strict classical three-piece suit. True, you need to know how to correctly combine different parts of clothing to meet the company's requirements for the external style of employees.
Classic style

The classic business style of a man is understood as a corporate style of clothing, which is most often found in banks and offices of large companies. Dress code of this format involves wearing dark suits and shoes and light shirts. This style is considered the most strict.
It is used in companies where it is necessary to inspire customers with a sense of stability and reliability, quality assurance of the services that are provided. From numerous studies it became known that people are more inclined to trust professionals who are dressed as strictly as possible. Therefore, government agencies, law firms, large manufacturers and representative offices of various Western commercial arches, strongly recommend their employees to adhere to the classic business style in clothing.

In addition to classic colors in clothing - black, white, dark blue, special attention is paid to accuracy and quality. For example, the use of cheap and synthetic fabrics in clothes is unacceptable, but not all natural fabrics can be allowed for everyday wear, for example, silk shirts are unacceptable. In addition, the suit and shirt must be carefully ironed. If we talk about haircuts and accessories, then only the most conservative hairstyles and the most stringent classic accessories are allowed. Separately it is worth noting the use of toilet water or cologne - sharp and strong smells are not combined with corporate style in clothes, so it is worth choosing cologne with a neutral flavor.

Informal style

This style is used in most companies, it is liked in editions of various publications, as it resembles the classical business style, but allows for some indulgences in clothes.

This men's dress code allows you to wear tight jackets and pullovers, classic shirts in combination with trousers and even jeans. The main difference of this style is that the tie is not obligatory. You can combine different colors in clothes, but you must remember that this style assumes that all things will be well ironed and the shoes polished.
In haircuts and accessories are also permissible some indulgences. For example, such a men's dress code allows you to wear a small beard or watch on a metal strap.

Free style

A free style in working clothes is the lot of actors, writers, that is, creative people who do not depend on the strict routine of the day, do not sit in the office and do not have to look the same every working day.

This style allows a variety of combinations of colors, textures and fashion trends. It is here that you can show your imagination and taste, but it's important to know the measure. Even if your company has a free style of clothing, you should follow some rules. For example, clothes should not be provocative, cheap, untidy. The same applies to accessories. You can wear almost everything, but things and accessories should make a good impression, and do not push people away from you.

A man's dress code is usually more conservative than a female one. However, both men can find room for imagination and a way to emphasize their individuality. It can be just a special dressing of the leather of shoes or gloves, an original tie or a well-fitting suit, but it is such trifles that make a person stylish.