Sealing the nails with wax: we disassemble together with the LCN what is this procedure

Natural beauty in fashion! This is confirmed by the latest fashion trends. The most fashionable manicure this year - natural nails, covered with a clear varnish. Such a simple, but at the same time, stylish manicure, the most ideal option for women who want to restore and strengthen their marigolds using the sealing procedure.

What is the sealing of nails?

We all know that frequent use of decorative varnishes and gels, improper care, wearing narrowned nails, lack of vitamins and microelements lead to depletion of the nail plate. There is a huge number of salon procedures with the use of various cosmetics that promise in a short time to restore the healthy appearance of even the most debilitated nails. But far from all of them, apart from the obvious cosmetic effect, also have a curative property. The exception is the sealing procedure, which is able to restore even the nails damaged after wearing acid-based gel varnishes.

Sealing is a care procedure, during which a deep nourishment of the nail plate occurs, activation of regenerating processes and closure of the cuticle scales. Thanks to the use of natural beeswax, nails receive a large dose of beneficial minerals and vitamin A, which contribute to the natural recovery of damaged cells. One of the most popular and effective professional series for nail sealing is the LCN Natural Care System series. A compact set consisting of 4 products, has unique healing properties and is very simple to use.

Natural Care System: 4 steps to healthy and strong nails

The Natural Care System series includes Natural Care cream, Nail Oil, a brush and a special nail file. This set is designed for sealing natural nails, as well as for feeding the nail plate on the border with the extended nails. The sealing procedure takes place in 4 stages:

  1. At the first stage it is necessary to prepare the nails: remove the old varnish and for a couple of minutes put your hands in the tub with saline solution;
  2. After that, the master begins to remove the cuticle, and then to the second main phase. Sealing is the application of a special cream based on natural beeswax. Wax has a number of unique properties. It disinfects and nourishes the nail plate, promotes the regeneration of its cells, protects the nail from the influence of aggressive factors. A special brush, included in the set of Natural Care System along the entire length of the nails is applied Natural Care cream. Then the surface is polished with the pink side of the nail file, and the excess cream is removed with a regular cotton wipe.
  3. Then you can proceed to the third stage, when a nail drop of vitamin Nail Oil is applied to the nail and the nails are polished using the white side of the file.
  4. At the last stage, in order to give the nails a glossy sheen, as after applying a colorless varnish, you need to polish them with the gray side of the nail file from the set.
    The sealing procedure takes about 20 minutes and can be done once a month. After sealing, you get not only healthier and stronger nails, but also a beautiful manicured manicure for several weeks.