The art of combat

Combating is not only mastering the technique of self-defense, development of physical qualities (flexibility, coordination, speed of reaction), it is, first of all, the normalization of the psychological state, the upbringing of a sense of self-confidence, expanding the range of your possibilities, gaining inner harmony and freedom. The network of fitness centers TERRASPORT offers professional training in several types of martial arts of your choice.

Aikido - a unique system of self-defense using the strength and inertia of the attacker. The study of the technique of combat and suffocating techniques. General physical preparation. The level of intensity varies from low to high. For all levels of preparedness. Group and personal training, as well as a studio.

KARATE . Contact style of karate is a combination of ancient traditions and modern fighting techniques of combat. Group and personal training, as well as a studio.

YOGA KUNDALINI is a practice intended for a person of the modern era, having a deep tradition. Has an emotional and physical effect and expands a person's consciousness. Group and personal training.

MIX FIGHT - aerobic training with elements of martial arts. It is aimed at the development of neuromuscular coordination and speed-strength endurance.

Group and personal training.
TAY-BOX. Thai boxing is a modern kind of martial arts, coming from ancient Thai martial art. Includes punches, kicks, various ways to put the enemy out of balance, throws, actively using the knees and elbows.

Group and personal training.
PRIDE. Teaching a perfect system of self-defense, the arsenal of which includes receptions and strikes from various martial arts of the world. Elements of boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, painful and suffocating techniques, effective in self-defense.

Special equipment is used: floor bears, dumbbells, wrestling dummies and tatami. Group and personal training.
These and many other single combats are available to customers of the TERRASPORT fitness center network . Come and comprehend the art of battle!

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