Types of bangs: choose correctly

In the life of every woman there comes a time when you want some kind of change. The simplest change is to change yourself, just create a stylish new image. If you have long hair, do not rush to change yourself radically, start better with minor changes. For example, change the shape of the bangs, and if the bangs do not, then do it. To apply this method of change, one should have an idea of ​​what kind of bangs are in general. Just in this article we will get acquainted with the balsa.

What kind of bangs to choose ?

Of course, every woman likes the shape of a chelka to her liking. However, there are cases when not all the bangs fit to the face type and understand this factor better in advance. If some kind of bang does not suit you, then you should stop from it.

The bangs can be straight, torn, asymmetric, multilayer, oblique, short. Which one to choose depends on your type, but you need to choose the option that will radically change your appearance. The chosen option should hide the small imperfections of the person and correct the appearance. The bangs can also create an accent on the cheekbones and eyes, moreover, the properly selected bang will help visually rejuvenate for several years. Chelkumogut be worn by women of any age, but the owners of thin hairmeters recommend not to wear bangs, as it quickly fats.

If you want to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, then choose a classic straight bangs, but the owners of curly hair from this kind of a bow is better to refuse. For such hair does not fit and oblique bangs, as it constantly has to be corrected. Who has poor eyesight, it is better to give up a long brow.

Remember, a different kind of brow requires a different care. And most women, in order to look stylish, have to do a lot of daily work. The first time the haircut is better done in the beauty salon, the provider will offer you the trendy types of bangs this season, as well as the finest kind of bangs is most suitable for you.

Correctly choose a picnic

Types of bobs

Straight bangs are concave, straight, convex, asymmetric, triangular and with denticles. Short straight bangs are ideal for a narrow, oval and triangular face. A bang of the same length, as a rule, is suitable for many haircuts. The slanting fringe is suitable for asymmetric twigs. The concave fringe is suitable for a haircut "Sassoon". A bang with denticles is ideal for sports short haircuts. Convex and triangular bangs look good with a cut "Kare".

For all types of straight bangs, there should be thick hair. In order not to apply bangs, hair is cut at an angle of forty five degrees, then milled and then they lie well.

Currently, bangs are popular, moreover, all the time new types of bangs appear. Today, oblique species of bangs are of great demand, which can be short, long and torn. The oblique bangs of a woman will give mystery, moreover, a woman with a bangs will look younger with a bang. However, it is worth remembering that a long can is able to visually reduce the face. If the face has small features, the oblique short bangs with torn filirovannymi edges will work best.

Choose a kind of bangs with regard to the type of face

Well, we sorted out the types of bangs, it remains to be seen how the shape of the face affects the choice of the type of bang. Not too thick bangs will suit those who have a face like a triangular shape. In this case, the bangs can be laid on one side. The bangs can be given a rounded shape and it is better if the edges have a longer hair. With such a bang, it's better to use light-weighting, contrast-colored hair in this case will look neochen good.

For a round face, the types of bangs may be different. It can be asymmetric, long, torn bangs, there may even be thick straight bangs. However, to overload such bangs with different varnishes, no need to put them on, otherwise they will seem heavy. If you choose the right kind of bangs for such a face shape, then you can stretch it a little, approaching the oval formular.

For a square face, you need to choose a kind of bang that lengthens the face, getting closer to the correct shape, so the most ideal variant will be asymmetrical bangs. But straight hair in this case is the worst option. The heavy chin is balanced by a thinned bang, smoothly flowing into the main mass of hair.

For the oval face suitable for different types of bangs. If the ovallitsa is narrow, then a fringe of a clear geometric shape fits. This form can visually expand the face. For a person who is close to perfect form, the straight, long oblique, combed on the side, a short swath is perfect.

A bang can be worn with loose hair, with collected hair that fits well to the business style. Correct the form of the chelykine once a month. If the bang grows, then the stylists will come up with a new basic image, so do not get too upset. Especially since this is a new occasion to experiment with a new hairdo, which means that new changes are expected ahead.