What can destroy an ideal family?

Many married couples consider themselves ideal and set their relations as an example to others, but very often this happiness collapses. Below I would like to describe why even the best relations are under threat.

First. "Married debt." Few people think about this phrase, under which people usually expect to have sex. But can it be called a sense of duty? Family sex should strengthen relations between spouses, and not oblige them. To spend more time with sex. Light the scented candles, buy champagne, dip the strawberries into whipped cream or melted chocolate and bring it to the beloved on the spree. Very often such things help to maintain the relationship. Try to turn every night spent in one bed with a loved man, not in the everyday shaking from side to side, but in a certain holiday and a romantic affair. Try to experiment, of course, with the consent of both parties, otherwise it is called rape. Liven up the sexual life. Very often such things help to maintain a relationship.

The second. In no case do not compare your life with the life of others. When you begin to compare your family with other families, you consider only the advantages that you are presented with, remember that in every family there are not only pluses, but also disadvantages, because there are exactly the same problems, and more. Not all spouses begin to understand the presence of guests or outsiders, they smile tactfully, if one of them has done or said stupid, and on coming home a scandal begins. And others from the skin are climbing to show the whole world what a wonderful family they have. Remember, every family, what a person is individual and should not be equal to anyone.

Third. Financial side of the marriage. If a man earns little - this is not going to please anyone, but if he does not try to earn money, it's even worse. A man who tries to do something, achieve, overcome, always achieves what he wants, and the wife is perfectly aware that not always circumstances develop in his favor, he can suffer some failures of a loved one. But if this happens from year to year, a person resigns to failures, failures, then this becomes a problem that puts the most serious relationship in the way of a threat. The role of women in this case is to properly motivate the person who is in love, so that he knows what to aim for, and why he needs to earn more. It's very easy to do this. It is enough to show respect and patience on your part, treat your loved one well, seeing this, he will strive for high earnings.

Fourth. Egoism has destroyed not one hundred of relationships, and both friendly and loving. When a person puts himself at the center of his life, he repels everyone around him. The main problem of the 21st century is selfishness. People are less and less thinking about others and literally go over their heads to get what they want. But in the family life it does not work. Family should remain a family and if you have entered into marriage, leave your egoism, try to live for others, but do not deprive yourself of selfishness, everything is good in moderation.

Fifth . Secrets. As soon as the spouses skip signs of insincerity and the couple ceases to trust a friend, this becomes a problem that must be addressed immediately. Lies have never served for the benefit of man, usually a lie only destroys everything around. If you are hiding something from your loved one, sooner or later he will find out about this all the same about this and your relations can become even worse. No matter what you did, you must tell your loved one and if he really loves you, then everything will forgive and understand.